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Who Invented The Trumpet

Who Invented The Trumpet?

Have this question ever came to your mind, “who invented the trumpet”? Well, we usually aren’t eager to know when and from where it came as it doesn’t serve our learning purpose.But to understand a trumpet better, you must have to know its background.There’s no need to tell that a trumpet is a brass wind […]

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Trumpet facts

These 10 Trumpet Facts You Must Know

When you want to learn to play a musical instrument, what are the things you should know first?Obviously, the basic and primary information of those define that thing. Well, if you want to know about a trumpet, again there is a lot to know.It’s an age old instrument, so you’ll find it in the ancient […]

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how to play high notes on trumpet

How To Play High Notes On Trumpet (14 steps)?

Want to play high notes on trumpet? That’s not quite worrisome.To learn to play high notes, all you need is support, practice, embouchure and quality air.That’s when you’ll be able to play in the upper register.But you are a new trumpeter and don’t know exactly what to do. Well, don’t be tensed.​Confused about which trumpet […]

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how to play jazz trumpet

How To Play Jazz Trumpet? (12 Easy Steps)

Do you want to be the next Dizzy Gillespie or Chet Baker? Want to make the world dance with your jazz like them?If you are willing to do so, you can start learning the basics of jazz.Learn the advanced techniques of ​playing jazz trumpet from here.Step by Step Guideline ​To FollowJazz is one kind of […]

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how to clean a trumpet mouthpiece

How To Clean A Trumpet Mouthpiece?

Can bacteria affect the mouthpiece of a trumpet? The answer will surely be ​yes. ​What can you do then?Okay, the simple solution is cleaning the mouthpiece regularly and appropriately.So, this is high time knew about the cleaning procedure of a trumpet mouthpiece.Now, you are exactly in the right place while I am going to tell […]

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how to play the trumpet note

How To Play The Trumpet Notes (For Beginners Guide)

Going to start playing trumpet? Then you might be looking for the source from where you will learn. Well, there are many options nowadays.You can go through books, join courses, and attend academy classes. Or consulting a professional for personal training will also work great.But you can manage to learn anything from online nowadays. There […]

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how to fix sticky trumpet valves

How To Fix Sticky Trumpet Valves??

Are you a musical major? Or trying to be a trumpet player? Is your trumpet getting sticky frequently?And you don’t know what to do? Then this article is just for you.​Valves need to move up and down smoothly to facilitate good playing, but sticky valves may get stuck at some locations. It usually happens when […]

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how to replace valve spring on a trumpet

How To Replace A Valve Spring On A Trumpet?

Are you having trouble to push your trumpet valve? Do you think it is taking the time to move?Or consuming too much pressure? Are you feeling uncomfortable with your trumpet even after oiling your valve?If so, this article is just for you.A valve spring is a tiny but a vital part of a trumpet.If any […]

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how to clean a trumpet

How To Clean A Trumpet At Home?

You love to play trumpet, but for running it long, you have to take an excellent care of that.Thus you have to clean it on a regular basis. Why do you need to clean?Well, when you put air in the trumpet with your mouth it is sure that you are not only putting air but […]

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