Best Trumpet Mutes Reviews and Recommended Brands (2020)

Looking to buy the best trumpet mute? But are you tensed about the quality and the durability of it?

Time is not to worry. Here we have done an excellent research and found out the 6 top rated trumpet mutes in the market.

Trumpet Mute is a vital tool of a brass instrument which alters the tonal quality of the brass instrument alongside making the volume lower.

There are various types of mutes in the market with different functionality which brings different effect to the intonation of the brass instrument.

​Here is the list of those best trumpet mutes set along with their details given below.

Best Trumpet Mutes Reviews

#1 Yamaha SB7x2 Trumpet Mute

Why We Love It?

Want to play your trumpet at any place or anytime without any worry?

Make it possible with Yamaha SB7X2 Trumpet Mute with its exclusive feature of brass resonance modeling.

This fantastic mute will deliver the excellent natural acoustic tone of the trumpet as if there is no mute attached to the trumpet.

​Now, I am telling you the detailed information about this amazing practice mute below.

Internal Microphone

I enlisted Yamaha SB7x2 Mute in the list of best trumpet practice mute in the market for its high-quality sound producing capability with the newest Yamaha Technology.

These excellent pickup quiet picks up noise with an internal microphone in combination with the high-performance mute.

Wide-pitch Range

Experience an outstanding muting performance from this trumpet mute which will enable you to create wonderful melody and intonation with your brass instrument.

Also, it will give you a broad range of pitch to do so. Moreover, it will not spoil the natural playability of the instrument.

​Create Personal Studio

Yamaha’s next generation silent brass enables you to create your personal studio.

With the feature of exclusive brass resonance modeling of Yamaha, you can play with a tune by connecting to a portable audio player or smartphone.

Bottom Line

Get this high-performance mute to experience the newest technology of Yamaha to create your studio and play with your favorite song to make yourself more expert in playing the trumpet.

#2 ProTec Liberty Mutes ML201 Practice Trumpet

Why We Love It?

Enrich the tone of your trumpet with the high-quality Pro-Tec Liberty Mutes ML201 Practice Trumpet – Aluminum and create a soothing melody.

Also, you can continue using this strong and durable Pro-Tec mute for a long time as it is well-constructed.

Additionally, the price is not much high comparing to the other practice mutes in the market.

​Now, have a look at the full details of this mute that I have shown you below.

High-quality Tone

This quality trumpet mute is reticent. For this reason, it will not create aloud sound which may become annoying to others while you are practicing.

​This mute will reduce the loudness of the instrument and deliver an excellent intonation while you are playing.

Long Lasting

The body of the trumpet mute is well constructed. For this reason, this product is much durable and long lasting.

​You can use it without any tension or worry for an extended period.

​Good Value in Less Price

I can give you the guarantee that it will be your best buy in this price range. You can have the best value out of practice mute by using this amazing trumpet mute at an affordable price.

Also, comparing to the other products in the market at this price, it has all the features that a practice mute should have.

​Bottom Line

​If you are looking for such kind of practice mute in a small budget which can meet up all the required features, then I highly recommend Pro-Tec Liberty Mutes for you.

#3 Denis Wick DW5571 Synthetic Trumpet Mute

Why We Love It?

This is one the best trumpet mute in the market in an economical price range as it will deliver you an excellent tone comparing to the other mutes in this range.

You will feel the real sound of a professional mute from it. Either you are a pro level trumpet player or a noob in this section, this mute will be very suitable for you at an affordable price.

Read the features & benefits section of this product to know every inch and corner about this active trumpet mute.

Affordable Price

It has relatively lower price than the other trumpet mutes in the market.

In spite of having an economy price, its construction materials, quality, and the performance are much high-quality. For this reason, this product is an excellent choice on a meager budget.

Fantastic Tuning

This mute has an unusual tuning which you can't compare to the sound of the professional mutes.

​Lower price mutes can't produce quality professional sounds of band or orchestra. But this quiet will not make you unhappy. For all levels of players, it will be suitable.

​Perfect Fitting Corks

The corks of the mute are shaped precisely in such a way that it does not require any adjustment to fit it in the bell of the trumpet.

​Also, you can set this mute to your trumpet comfortably with the perfect sized corks.

Bottom Line

​Get a professional tuning experience in an affordable price range with high-quality materials and performance from this SyntheticTrumpet Straight Mute. Buy your mute to create more fantastic music with your trumpet.

#4 Harmon B-Aluminum Trumpet Mute

Why We Love It?

Create an exceptional “Wah-Wah” sound effect by attaching the Harmon Mute to your brass instrument. You can easily add this sound effect by the sliding cup at the end of the mute.

Moreover, this aluminum made quiet is completely free-blowing.

Additionally, it will not alter the pitch of the trumpet anyway which ensures the production of pure melody from your brass instrument.

Let’s have a look at the details of this unique and exceptional best trumpet harmon mute.

Select Wah-Wah Sound Effect

This mute is the original Harmon silent for adding Wow-Wow sound effect to the music.

This Wow-Wow mute is the perfect one for producing smoky jazz sound which is very suitable for big band or swing band performances.

This particular sound effect is the extension of a sliding cup at the end of the mute.

Free Blowing

The entire body of this trumpet mute is entirely made of aluminum. For this reason, this Wow-Wow mute is free-blowing which adds an extra spice to its features.

​No Change in Pitch

Moreover, the tone of the trumpet will not alter or change anyway due to attaching this mute with the trumpet.

​Therefore, you will get the pure and natural sound from the trumpet every time you play.

​Bottom Line

​If you play in a band, then this particular Wow-Wow mute will be a vital component for you to create an exceptional melody to your music. Grab this great mute as early as possible.

#5 Vulkan Trumpet Straight Mute

Why We Love It?

Create soothing intonation and quality music with this versatile Vulkan Mute by Pro-tec. 

This free-blowing straight mute is suitable for all kind of musical tones from jazz to classical. Also, this vulcanized fiber made silent is well-balanced in all types of registers. 

Moreover, it has outstanding durability which enables you to use it for a long time without any worry.

Now, I am informing you about the features of this product in the next section of this article.

Lightweight & Durable

Vulkan Mute is extremely lightweight which will make your playing very comfortable.

The construction material of this mute is vulcanized fiber which makes it very durable and enables it to last for an extended period. Moreover, it features fantastic resonance to produce soothing melody while playing.

High-quality Cork

The quality of the cork of this incredible mute is very high. For this reason, it will not get damaged or broken without any rough using.

​Besides, it will also not dry out. Also, manufacturers have designed it to adjust it nicely to the trumpet with a proper fitting.

​Molded Rubber Cap

The rubber cap of this vulkan mute is entirely custom molded.

Therefore, it prevents any scratches on the bell of the trumpet. Also, you can attach this mute quietly with your trumpet while performing.

Moreover, it will not even hamper your performance and will not affect the amazing tone of the trumpet.

​Bottom Line

​If you want to experience the performance of one of the best trumpet straight mutes in the market, then I will suggest you this beautiful Vulkan Trumpet Straight Mute by Protec. Collect your mute soon and enjoy the world of music more joyfully.

#​6 Humes Berg 101 Trumpet Mute

Why We Love It?

Experience an excellent melody and awesome tune from your trumpet by attaching this Humes & Berg Mute to your brass instrument.

This stone-lined straight mute will make the blowing easy and comfortable for you and always assist you to stay in tune.

Moreover, it will enable you to produce professional sound from classical to jazz all the time you play.

Scroll down to have more information about this fantastic lightweight trumpet mute.

Lightweight & Affordable

This mute is one of the most lightweight mutes in the market. You can use it comfortably by attaching it to your toolkit.

​Besides, the price of this product is not much high. For this reason, you can buy a good quality mute in low budget.

Easy Blowing

It is especially usable for easy-blowing. For this reason, it will help you to blow the trumpet more comfortably and play the trumpet in a perfect tune all the time.

​Professional Sound

Whether you play classical or jazz music, this straight mute will always keep you in proper intonation and create the professional melody with your trumpet always.

​Bottom Line

Are you looking for such efficient and vocational trumpet mute? The wait is over. I can give you the surety that this will be the best match for you. Grab it as soon as possible.

What Brand Of Mute Should I Buy?

Are you planning to buy a mute for your trumpet to add a variation to your trumpet melody?

As you can see, there is various type of mute in the market namely Straight, Cup, Harmon, Plunger, Bucket, etc. of a different brand.

Got confused which brand of mute you should choose for getting the best performance out of it?

Here I am giving you some suggestion which may come to your help to make a right choice.

Trumpet expert

For getting a good quality straight mute, you can make your decision in among the Denis Wick or the Humes & Berg or the Protect branded mutes.

These labels are used by famous trumpet players and professionals also.

Moreover, it will also give a good support to the students who have started to play the trumpet in the recent time.

These brands are well known all over the world for its exceptional performance and durability.

If you are a professional trumpet player and in need of “Wow-Wow” mute in your toolkit, then Harmon might be your best choice.

Also, for noobies, Protec's practice mutes are very useful.

So, make your choice according to your need and skills in playing the trumpet and continue creating excellent music.

​Final Words...

In fine, I may say that the article will help you to get the complete details of the best trumpet mute in the market.

You will be able to compare the features of these mutes and choose the best one for you.

Also, it will eradicate your confusion of choosing the best brand also.

Happy Music!

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