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Having issues with playing your trumpet? Then you have come to the right page.

We have done a lot of research on this and used a lot of products ourselves.

Finally, we shortlisted some quality full trumpet mouthpieces available in the market.

If you are out looking for a trumpet mouthpiece guide and you want the best one out there, then you should go with the knowledge we have gathered.

You will find it throughout this article. We have written the best trumpet mouthpiece guide for different players.

Just keep patience and start finding out more.

People have different tastes and different choices. Some people want louder sounds with less quality and some people just love the sounds loud or not.

We have gathered some of the best products out there in the market.

We are going to discuss the best features of these individuals.

Just go through these unique products and see what product suits you the best.

6 Best ​Trumpet Mouthpieces Reviews

#1 Glory Silver Plated Bb Trumpet Mouthpiece 7c

Why We Love It?

This trumpet mouthpiece is best as a starter mouthpiece for its unique features.

Being at the very top of our best trumpet mouthpiece list, it has a number of features that we liked so much.

Some of its features are below.

Highlighted Features

Best Size

​Firstly, this Glory trumpet mouthpiece 7c comes in the best size to fit your mouth perfectly.

For beginners, balancing the mouthpiece for air flow is a tough job.

But if you have this mouthpiece for your trumpet you will have already solved that problem.

Because of its unique size, it gives the highest comfortability to the player.

So, determining the correct air flow becomes more apparent.

Greater Range

Secondly, this mouthpiece has a greater range of tones.

It's better rim, cup and backbore finish gives it a better range of tones from high to low.

You can enjoy tons of high pitches relentlessly with this mouthpiece.

The best thing is it will fit your mouth better.

So, you won't have worries about fitting the mouthpiece whenever you play high pitch tones.

Better Tone Quality

Lastly, it will present you better sound quality. It's beautiful and sophisticated finish will give you clear sound.

Whether you go to a high pitch or low, it will give the best sound quality you need.

Its rim and cups finish perfectly balanced to give you the best tonal quality that you require.

Bottom Line

If you are just starting out as a trumpet player or buying for someone who is a beginner, then this is the one you are looking for. It fits the mouth perfectly. As beginners have a tough time adjusting with the mouthpiece, this mouthpiece will help them a lot. Moreover, this trumpet mouthpiece 7c offers greater range and better tonal quality. Who wouldn't want a mouthpiece that would fit perfectly and give better sound quality, right? If what you are seeking meets this mouthpiece then go with this mouthpiece.

#2 Paititi Gold Plated 3C Trumpet Mouthpiece

Why We Love It?

If you are a professional player and looking for a free blowing mouthpiece with good sound quality, then this is the one to look closely.

Some of its unique features are described below.

Highlighted Features

Free Blowing

Firstly, this trumpet mouthpiece would relieve you of the pressure of air flow. It offers free blowing capacity.

It means that you can quickly blow air into the trumpet.

Unlike some other mouthpieces, it won't affect you physically. Limited airflow will be enough to play any pitch you want to play.

Smooth Sound Quality

Secondly, the Paititi trumpet mouthpiece will give the smoothest and richest sound quality with less effort.

Whether you play high pitched tones or low pitched tones, it will provide the best sound quality available.

As it comes with free blowing capacity, you will feel like a professional player even if you are just starting out.

Better Protection

At next, the mouthpiece comes with a durable package for better and stronger protection.

It will work as a shield so that it does not get tampered easily. As a result, it will stay in good condition for a longer period.

Bottom Line

This mouthpiece was designed with the 3C size which is the one professionals use. It has free blowing capacity for less pressure requirement. It will also provide smoother sound quality at different pitches. If you are looking for these qualities in a mouthpiece, then this is the one you should buy.

#3 KGUBrass Custom Trumpet Mouthpiece

​Why We Love It?

Are you looking for the perfect thing to change the way your trumpet sounds like?

Want a more sophisticated tone for your trumpet? Feature this mouthpiece booster delivers what it promises.

It has some unique features to offer for the players.

Highlighted Features

​Intonation Stability

Firstly, the KGUBrass Custom Trumpet Mouthpiece Booster Raw Brass is designed to give you the best experience you could get from playing a trumpet.

It provides an amazing quality of sound. It gives the best tonal music experience.

No matter which pitches tone you choose, high or low, it will give clear and deepened sound.

All the pitch tones looked more focused and concentrated after using this.

Easy To Install

Secondly, this mouthpiece booster can easily be fitted into all the mouthpieces of classic design.

Except for megaton and large series mouthpieces, as they don't support this.

But you can use this in all of the traditional trumpets used generally.

Easy On/Off Design

Finally, this booster comes with an easy on/off switch. This switch gives you the option to control whether to play with or without the booster.

The variation in the sound would depend on your musical style and situation.

Bottom Line

If you are a regular trumpet player and want change in the sounds of your trumpet, then this booster is designed for you. Again, this booster gives players control at their hands through its easy on/off switch. So, if you are looking for controlling your sound and bring variation to it, then this is the one for you.

#4 Bach Trumpet Mouthpiece 3C

​Why We Love It?

Bach regular series mouthpieces are some of the most popular mouthpieces in the world.

It is popular both among students and professionals.

Vincent Bach, a rare combination of artist and engineer, is the father of these mouthpieces.

There are some unique features in the Bach Trumpet Mouthpiece 3C.

Highlighted Features

An All-Around Mouthpiece

Firstly, the Bach Trumpet Mouthpiece is an all-around mouthpiece. It is perfect for both jazz music and classical music.

So, you don’t need to worry about choosing between trumpets for different song types.

This one trumpet would be enough for all song styles.

Perfect Diameter For Perfect Sound

Secondly, the medium wide rim shape and medium cup range allow it to present better sound quality.

Its cup diameter is 16.3mm.

This perfect cup range allows players to play high pitch tones as well as low pitch sounds smooth.

The sound created is perfectly balanced. It has exceptional tonal balance.

Perfect For All Type Of Players

Lastly, this mouthpiece is great for all type of players.

From beginners to professionals, every person can use this and be at ease.

For its perfect balance in the interior and exterior, it can function rightly at anyone's hand.

Bottom Line

If you are either just a beginner or a professional trumpet player, this mouthpiece would be perfect for both. For its clear and smooth sound and best tonal control, it has been a traditional mouthpiece among all the others in the market. If you like the specifications this mouthpiece offers, then you should order this and try it out.

#5 Jet-Tone BC Classic Re-Issue Trumpet Mouthpiece

Why We Love It?

This trumpet mouthpiece offers some excellent and unique features to trump over others.

As from the name you know it has a classic design which makes it look classy. Some of its best features are here.

Highlighted Features

Loud and Clear

Firstly, this trumpet mouthpiece offers deafening and smooth sound.

If you are an outdoor player and want to let everyone hear what you are playing, then this is designed for you.

It is recommended not to be frequently used.

But if you are high pitch player and want the real deal then this will give you the thing you are looking for.

Relaxing To The Lips

Secondly, the mouthpiece feels relaxing and brings comfort to the lips of the player.

It has a unique design which fits your lips perfectly. You can play for a longer period relentlessly.

Bottom Line

If you're a lead player looking for an easy high register, this is the mouthpiece for you. This mouthpiece will offer you loud and smooth sound that you need. If this mouthpiece is the one you need then order it now.

#6 Bach K3513C Mega Tone Trumpet Mouthpiece 3C

​Why We Love It?

People like experimenting with music. Jazz and symphonic trumpet players like to mix up their sound and create a deeper tone.

This mouthpiece takes these experiments one step ahead.

It creates a unique balance in the tonal section and creates an even darker and deeper sound.

Some of its best features are as follows.

Highlighted Features

Round Tone

Firstly, this mouthpiece has a unique ability to produce round sound.

This type of music just fills up the place you are playing in. The music seems very relaxing.

It just fills up the void and gives peace to the ear. The tone becomes fuller and darker as an extra.

Easy Blowing

Secondly, with this mouthpiece, the player will have the control of the blowing at his hands.

You will feel like you are over-blowing.

It becomes that much easy to blow air into the trumpet. Moreover, playing vibrato becomes easier than usual.

You will feel like being in control of the sound you make with the air you give.

Fresh Looks

Additionally, the mouthpiece looks way cooler than some mass produced regular mouthpiece.

It has a classic design with silver coating. It makes it look cool.

Bottom Line

This trumpet mouthpiece is for those who love experimenting with their trumpet sound. It is not recommended for beginners as it has other loud sounds. Furthermore, this mouthpiece adds an extra one for those who love darker and deeper sounds. If you are looking for a mouthpiece as described, you should get this one.

Trumpet Mouthpiece Parts

​Knowing the different parts of a trumpet is very important. There are separate areas of a mouthpiece.

All of these parts are equally important for better sound quality, less noise, better air flow and many other factors.

Some of the main trumpet mouthpiece parts and how they can change your sound quality are given below.

Trumpet Mouthpiece parts


Firstly, the rim is the part that makes a circle on top of the trumpet. It is the only part that stays in direct contact with your mouth.

So, this part decides the amount of air to flow through the mouthpiece.

Larger inner rim diameters are important for better and improved tonal quality.

Wider rim width gives the player longer time to play.

Sharper side edges provide better sound quality but don't allow playing for extended time.


Secondly, the cup of a mouthpiece is an important part. It is located in-between the rim and the backbone.

This is the part where the air coming from the player enters the mouthpiece.

Due to the concave shape of it, the air which gets inflows directly to the backbone without any loss.

So, the cup works as a medium for the air to flow inside the mouthpiece.

Shallower cups let the player play high tones, but the sound quality is a little bad.

Deeper cups give better sound quality but doesn't allow playing high notes.

​Throat, Backbore, and Shank

Lastly, the backbore is where the air escapes through and into the throat and shank.

Here, the shank is the long piece of hollow metal coming from the cup of the mouthpiece.

Usually, it should be the only part of the mouthpiece in contact with the instrument.

So, this is the only part which stays in direct contact with the device and channels the air to it.

Larger throat diameter lets playing louder, but the sound is not that good.

Thinner throat diameter seems excellent but doesn't allow loud sounds.

When To Choose A Mouthpiece?

orchestra expert
  • Firstly, when you start out as a new trumpet player and need the perfect one for your comfortability, you can choose the mouthpiece.
  • Secondly, if you have used mouthpiece before and want to surf in between to find the perfect one suitable for you then this mouthpiece for yours.
  • Next, if you change your regular playing style and start out a new one then try this mouthpiece.
  • At next, if you like experimenting with sound and tones to create a newer and smoother sound.
  • Additionally, if are not satisfied with the sound, your trumpet produces and  you need to change the way it sounds.
  • Lastly, if you look for perfection with your music and tones, use this mouthpiece.

How To Choose A Trumpet Mouthpiece?

No.1- What Type Of A Player Are You?

Firstly, when buying a mouthpiece, you need to know your player category.

If you are a beginner and just starting out in this field, the 7C sizes are the best for you.

These mouthpieces get attached to your mouth correctly. It gives you comfort as a starter.

They might not sound that professional, but they are enough to get the practice going.

Again if you are a professional in this field, then any of the sizes are best for you if it is comfortable.

Though everyone suggests 3C to the professionals, we would say to go with the one you feel comfortable the most.

No.2- What Type Of Sound Do You Need?

Secondly, what kind of sounds you are going to make depends on the mouthpiece you are using.

If you want deeper and darker sounds, then 3C sizes of Bach mouthpieces are the best ones for you.

Again there are some mouthpieces with smooth sounds and some with loud sounds.

You have to choose the right one that goes with you.

No.​3- What ​Is Your Budget?

Additionally, you have to know which mouthpiece meets your budget.

There are so many mouthpieces out there in the market that would meet your requirements.

But not all of them would fit your budget. So, you will need to know the specifications which go perfectly with your budget.

Final Words...

Finally, choosing the best trumpet mouthpiece for beginners is a tough job.

But it becomes easier if you know what to look for.

Through this article, we have discussed the primary functions of a mouthpiece and some of the trumpet mouthpiece guide available in the market these days.

You just have to go through the specifications they provide and match your requirements.

We have provided Amazon link for each product so you can order it anytime you want.

Hope this trumpet mouthpiece guide would be enough for you to find the product you need. So why wait?

 Happy Music!

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