Best Trumpet Cases For Sale In 2020

Having trouble carrying your trumpet around with all its additional parts and your sheets? Need a trumpet bag that has all the space and will fulfill your requirements?

Well then, you have landed to the right page.

​We have sorted out some of the best trumpet cases out there in the market and made a list of them.

best trumpet case

Trumpet cases come in different sizes and different features. Some have a high build to protect the inner instrument. Some of them have the looks.

Everything there is to know before the purchase of a trumpet case is listed here.

So, if you have zero knowledge about these cases then don't worry. Just go through this article, and you will know everything you need to know.

Best Trumpet Cases Reviews

#1 WolfPak Polyfoam Trumpet Case

Why We Love It?

Heavy duty bolts and lightweight, comfortable design has made this trumpet case a popular one.

There are some unique features which users want from a trumpet case. Some of its features are below.

Light Weight & Protection

Firstly, this trumpet case is light in weight as for its nylon build.

Its lightweight foam protects the inner portion of the case from external pressures.

Again, it insulates the internal instrument and parts from external temperature. As a result, the tool does not get affected by the outer weather or temperature.

It ensures protection for your instrument and parts.

Heavy Duty Handles

Secondly, the trumpet case comes with a heavy-duty bolted handle. 

It is nicely attached to the bag so that it does not fall off ever. You can carry it without any tension. It also comes with backpack straps.

So you can carry it on both your hand and shoulder. Both would be same comfortable and safe.

Space For Parts

Lastly, there is enough room for the player fit additional areas of the instrument inside the case.

A user can carry cleaning kit, valve oil, slide grease and some music sheet. There are small pockets for these. There are some flip folders too.

​So you needn't worry about the space.

Bottom Line

If you are a beginner musician and need an affordable yet good quality trumpet case, then this is the perfect one for you. There is enough space for everything. Moreover, it comes with a lighter weight.

#2 Guardian CW-041-TP Trumpet Case

Why We Love It?

Light in weight and extra durability has made this trumpet case famous.

​It has a unique quality build which allows it to keep your instrument safe in different weather conditions. Its unique features are as follows.

Polystyrene Interior

Firstly, this trumpet case comes with a single build. These cases are thermoplastic.

That means they work the same in different weather conditions and temperature differences.

These cases have high-density polystyrene interior. This setup keeps the instrument in a perfectly insulated environment.

It ensures the safety of your device if you hold it inside the bag for a long time.

​The interior design will keep your instrument in the best condition.

No-Scratch Lining

Secondly, the interior of the case is lined with a plush and no-scratch lining.

This fabulous filling system works as a protection against scratching and itching of your instrument.

​This way, your device stays in shape always. The case won't ever hurt your baby for sure.

Light Weight & Spacious

Lastly, this trumpet case comes with a lightweight design and space for additional parts of your instrument.

So carrying the case with instrument inside is easier than those heavily designed cases.

​Also, you can travel with cleaning kit, valve oil and other misc. Supplies because of the extra pockets provided.

Bottom Line

If you are buying a bag for a younger person or just a beginner, then this is the one for you. It won't become a pain to the user. This case will keep the instrument scratch free and safe in temperature variations.

#3 Protec Trumpet Rectangular PRO PAC Case

Why We Love It?

The first trumpet case that we have on our list is from ProTec, and it's a nice rectangular case with multi-storage compartment.

​The case is made to protect from impacts, shakes, drops, and vibration. And that's one of the best reason we've chosen it here.

Sturdy Construction

Talking about the space inside the case, you can easily house trumpets of any size along with the mute and accessories.

The exterior is made of Ballistic Nylon, which is reputed to be super durable.


For carrying it out with you easily, there comes a couple of shoulder straps which are thickly padded.

​Also, they are adjustable as all people won't like it to carry at same height.

​Easy to Carry

However, if you don't like carrying it on shoulders, there is a handle to carry it by hand.

​Also, if you have a backpack to attach to this case, there is a backpack strap.

Bottom Line

​The price tag is completely worth it, as long as the other models are considered. What’s your thought on that?

#4 Bach C180 Stradivarius Trumpet Case

Why We Love It?

At this point of this roundup review, we've decided to be in the elite kind of zone in terms of trumpet case quality.

If you're a serious professional, we recommend reading test of the description of Bach C180 Stradivarius Trumpet Case- the best trumpet case that we're talking about.

Excellent Manufacture

First of all, this trumpet case gives us a nice vibe that induces professionalism. The shells are wooden made, along with a dark covering.

The shell comes out with a reinforced stitched alligator style trim. The hardware of the interior case is made of brass, provided with a set of locking latches.

​The interior color is grey, and you're surely going to love the way it looks.

Storage Comfort

For storing accessories like mutes, there is a large compartment. And for storing accessories like mouthpieces, oils, there is a small compartment.

​We're sure that all of your accessories items are going to be kept safe within these two kinds of storages.

Reasonable Price

You may be surprised at the price of the case. But let us assure you that, it worth it. Bach, as a brand has years of good customer care and product quality.

​So, we don't think you'll regret investing money after a professional trumpet case like this.

Bottom Line

If you are getting used to regular gigs and traveling a lot, then this is the perfect trumpet case for you. It will be perfectly stylish with all the safety measures required. Also, it will be light in weight and all.

#5 Gator Cases Lightweight Molded Trumpet Case

Why We Love It?

With a sharp exterior and interior design, this trumpet case is one of the best trumpet cases out there in the market.

​It is like a safe house for your instrument as for its sturdy design. Its features are as follows.

Protection Guaranteed

Firstly, the Gator Trumpet Case is popular among users for its protective layer. It provides a deluxe ABS exterior along with an EPS foam interior which is simultaneously protective and gives a deep plush lining.

It's a reliable solution for local and out of area gigs. These cases are specially coated with the heavy-duty aluminum valance to ensure reliable protection.

So, once you put your instrument in the bag, you won't have to worry about it anymore.

​The case will guarantee its safety in all conditions.

Lockable Latches

Secondly, the trumpet case comes with fasteners that are triple times chrome plated. These latches are lockable.

​Again, there is a generously sized compartment for accessories. So, there will be enough space to fit additional parts of your instrument.

​Comfortably Classic

Lastly, the classic design of the trumpet case is liked by many people. Along with its look, it comes with comfortable carry handle.

This carry handle is through-bolted for extra strength. It ensures the safety of the case when moving it.

​Because of the high grip, it won't fall off of your hands. So, safety with comfort is a unique feature of this trumpet case.

Bottom Line

If you are a fan of classic designs and need extra protection for your trumpet case, this product will be the perfect one for you. You can travel as far as you like and as rough as you like. It won't affect your instrument if it's inside this durable and sturdy case.

#6 Protec Trumpet Contoured PRO PAC Case

Why We Love It?

At the end of the list, we've got another piece of the case from the inventory of ProTec. This time, it's the mighty Protec Trumpet Contoured PRO PAC Case.

​You'll be amazed to see its features. Its features are as follows.

Solid Structure

Like any other ProTec trumpet bag, it's made to be light in weight and solid structure. The mold is lined with soft velvet and the entire fit is made to protect your trumpet from damage.


The exterior is made out of 1680 ballistic nylon, and we're certain that it's more than durable.

​Adjustable Straps

For carrying it around, you have got a couple of adjustable straps, and there is a backpack strap along with it as well.

​A built-in zippered pocket, and large metal zippers along with a locking ring-everything is there. So, it's super-secure as well.

Bottom Line

If you ​need extra protection for your trumpet case, this product will be the perfect one for you. ​

#7 Torpedo Bag Classic Case

Why We Love It?

Torpedo bags is an emerging bag manufacturer, and for obvious reasons, they've headed into trumpet case and bags.

Thanks to the brand, as we've got to show you the beautiful case.

​We're highly certain about the quality of the trumpet case. And as long as it's existing user's responses are considered,it will be there for you for years.

Standard Features

It comes with a 3" thick foaming around all the sides. No matter what, your trumpet is going to stay safe inside the bag.

​An additional feature that we don't see in many cases is, it's space to store a 300 pages music book. Also, it can house any orchestra folder.

Easy Removable

For placing the mutes, there is a mute bag which is removable as well. The lid pocket for mouthpieces and the valve oil is also removable.

Bottom Line

​If you've to travel a lot with the trumpet in your trumpet case, you're going to fall in love with this trumpet case.

Things To Consider Before Buying

There are many trumpet cases available in the market so that to choose the best one is a bit difficult.

When you'll purchase a trumpet, you'll get a case along with the instrument. But you need to buy it from a reputed brand or a credible reseller.

​Otherwise, the trumpet case may not work fine for you from the very beginning.


When you'll purchase a trumpet, you'll get a case along with the instrument. But you need to buy it from a reputed brand or a credible reseller.

​You should have specific knowledge on what type of case you are actually looking for.


The trumpet case which comes at without any additional cost along with the instrument would be greatly suitable for storing at your home. However, it may not be good enough during travel.


If you need to carry some other items apart from the trumpet, then you need to search for a better one. First of all, you need to understand the variation of hard and soft trumpet case.


Also, you need to know the difference between a gig bag and a storage case. Wood or plastic is generally used to make a hard trumpet case. There may not be any leather lining in it.

​Even they don't contain any waterproof material also.


A soft case comes with a combination of materials like leather or other best quality fabrics. On the other hand, a hard case is sturdier than an available soft case.

​But the second one is much lighter than the first. After knowing all of your requirements, you can search for the best trumpet case from the list above.

​Which Brand Is Best For Trumpet Case?

To know the best brand for you. First, you have to know what you are looking for in a trumpet case.

Is it a light weight that you want? Or do you need a heavy-duty trumpet case? There are many other factors. Different brands supply various types of trumpet cases.

These cases have some common and some unique qualities. 

​If you are into hard trumpet case, then we have one for you.

Gator Brand

One the best-selling hard trumpet case is Gator Trumpet Case. 

Yes, this case has a hard exterior (ABS) of plastic along with a heavy-duty valance of aluminum. 

​This ensures extra strong handle and chrome-plated hardware also which contain lockable latches. Also, has a Form-fitted EPS interior and deep plush lining.

Pro-Tec Brand

Again, if you want a soft trumpet case, then Protec is one of the best-selling trumpet carrying case. It's actually a soft trumpet case.


Standard PRO PAC Trumpet Case is another unique trumpet case which can also draw your attention.

This case contains a lightweight frame which has a great shock-absorbing capacity also. Moreover, it possesses an interior mute compartment.

It has a built-in organizer. So, it can hold keys, pens and even small accessories. Its abrasion and water resistant 1680-gauge nylon exterior provide it a nice protective behavior.

​Here are also some roomy exterior pockets. Moreover, a shoulder strap is also available here for your better carriage.

P​rotec Deluxe Brand

If you have an interest in gig bags then Protec Deluxe Trumpet Bag will be a nice choice for you. It's actually one of the most famous trumpet bags which can also be used as a gig bag.

This bag also contains almost 1680-gauge nylon (ballistic nylon). It'll provide you water and abrasion resistant facility.

Moreover, this one will also give you a soft plush lining and roomy exterior pocket.

​Black powder-coated hardware along with a shoulder strap makes it a unique gig bag in comparison to others.

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