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unknown facts about saxophone reeds

Saxophone Reeds: 9 Unknown Facts About A Reed

Are you buying a saxophone for the first time? Then, as you browse for the facts of a saxophone, you’ve probably seen the talks of the right saxophone reeds.The reed is one of the essential parts of a saxophone.So, the choosing of Reed rightly is of great importance. The reed controls the sound of the […]

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saxophones benefits

Saxophones Benefits: (10 reasons why you play it?)

For its cool image, the saxophone has always been present in people’s list, and they decide to learn from this interest. And why not?​But how much you get the benefits?Sometimes we want to achieve any quality in us without knowing its benefits or determinant.Without any hesitation, I can say that saxophone playing can help you […]

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best alto saxophone ligature on a budget

What Is The Best Alto Saxophone Ligature On A Budget?

Want to be a successful saxophonist? Then, you’ll have to have a clear idea about all the parts of your sax.Also, those pieces have to be the best suited for your saxophone.That’s why selecting the best ligature is essential.From my experience, I’ve seen ligatures make differences depending on your saxophone. I prefer to play the […]

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how to improvise on saxophone

How To Improvise On Saxophone?

If you want to be a successful saxophonist what quality is necessary for you?Saxophonists become great when they can compose anything in an instant.So you have a saxophone, and you only can tune what you read or learn. Then you can’t be an excellent saxophonist.From here you come to understand that for being good at […]

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how to clean saxophone mouthpiece

How To Clean Saxophone Mouthpiece Easily!

Do you like to play saxophone? ​The magical sounds of saxophone can make everyone to fall in love with music.​So, you should take care of your saxophone very well. Clean it from time to time. One of the essential parts of a saxophone is its mouthpiece.The mouth can be full of germs and dirt. So, […]

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how to play tenor saxophone

How To Play Tenor Saxophone?

For instance, you have a tenor saxophone. You know about saxophone but don’t know the differences of playing various types of saxophones.Then what is the necessity of having a tenor? You have to know about tenor saxophone and how to play that one.The tenor saxophone is used in jazz groups, in a concert or marching […]

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how to play the alto saxophone(1)

How To Play The Alto Saxophone? (5 Easy Steps)

Music is the gateway to enjoy a great life. The playing of music brings out one’s emotions and latent talents.In this respect, the alto saxophone is an expressive instrument and vocal.So, if you are a beginner with no knowledge of music, but willing to play jazz or classical music, get ready.Here, in this primer, we’ve […]

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how to assemble a saxophone(1)

How To Assemble A Saxophone?

You have a saxophone and don’t know how to assemble it. Then what’s the necessity of having one when you can’t use it?As a saxophone lover when you have this kind of fascination it is obvious to know how to assemble ​it. This is because without assembling a horn you cannot play.How can you do […]

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how to tune a saxophone

How To Tune A Saxophone Perfectly? (10 Easy Steps)

Do you have a fascination for a saxophone? Want to build your tunes with your sax?Then, pay special attention to tuning a saxophone.Tuning is very much necessary when playing saxophone, whether in an ensemble or solo. ​However, to help you to have a good sense of tuning, we think this primer will be beneficial.10 Easy […]

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when was the saxophone invented(1)

Saxophone History: When Was The Saxophone Invented?

In the history of musical instruments, what do you think about saxophone or why it is of that shape and, how and when was the saxophone invented? Some may find these questions such unnecessary. They believe that they are hearing and enjoying fantastic music gifted by musicians. And do not want to know the background. […]

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