How To Play Jazz Trumpet? (12 Easy Steps)

Do you want to be the next Dizzy Gillespie or Chet Baker? Want to make the world dance with your jazz like them?

If you are willing to do so, you can start learning the basics of jazz.

Learn the advanced techniques of ​playing jazz trumpet from here.

Step by Step Guideline ​To Follow

Jazz is one kind of American music developed in the south in the late 1800s. This music has grown popular over the years.

jazz musician

But the trumpet is the trademark instrument for playing jazz music.

So, to improve your skills, follow the steps-

#Step 1:

At first, learn the basic trumpet skills. The trumpeters don’t start playing jazz straight.

It’s essential for you to develop your basics. Take lessons to learn trumpet basics.

Also learn about the trumpet parts.

Besides, take advice from the trumpet instructors.

They can assist you learning all the basic methods of trumpet playing. And help you to learn specifically jazz music.

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#Step 2:

Also, learn the standards of jazz. Start learning by listening some jazz standards of your favorite jazz trumpeter.

listen music

Then, start playing standards by yourself.It will be better to memorize the standard tunes.

So, you can “sit in” on a jazz show anytime.  Also, incorporate your favorite tunes in your regular practice.

#Step 3:

Once you’ve learned the basics and standards, now spend the time to improve your sight reading skills.

It’s an essential skill to excel in playing any instrument.

Sight reading is a skill to play any song after first time seeing it. 

The faster you develop this skill, the faster you’ll be able to play the notes on the page.

Thus, you’ll incorporate in improvising jazz methods and have fun to play the trumpet.

#Step 4:

learn the music words

Also, learn the lingo and basic slangs. For example, “chart” for the song, “rhythm” for drums and guitars, “horns” instead of wind instruments and so on. 

Especially, learn the eighth and sixteenth note runs.

#Step 5:

Now collect the right ​equipment to play jazz trumpet. Then, join a band to learn to play jazz music with a group of musicians.

#Step 6:

To play jazz music well, you should develop your ability to break down every measure of music.

Especially focus on training your ear to understand the ups and downs of the measures.

These are important in “swinging” the notes in a jazz style.

The best trumpeters can hear the sixteenth notes in the middle of eighth notes. So, to be the best like them learn to play skillfully.

#Step 7:

Besides, learning to “swing” is essential in jazz music.

One of the great ways to learn this swing is to playing non-jazz music by swung notes.

music notes

Elongate the first note as well as shorten the second note while swinging eighth notes.

#Step 8:

In traditional music, every note is emphasized equally. Syncopate your jazz scales.

It emphasizes the down beats and creates interest for music.

Syncopation is a natural progression to enhance the swing sound uniquely.

Practice this process by playing syncopated eighth notes scales.

#Step 9:

Now, figure out the improvisation. This step is the most critical step for the beginners like you.

Creating your own music is much difficult. Reading music and playing the notes are easy to learn.

When starting, you may have to write the solo in advance.

But as you develop your skills, figuring the notes will be more quick and natural.

#Step 10:

There are different styles of jazz music. To develop your improvisation skills, pin down the fundamentals of every jazz forms.

Search for things like blues, swing, or Latin under the title.

If you don’t realize the music style, try finding the recording of the song.

Besides, you can ask a band member or your director to learn about the style.

#Step 11:

Listen more and more jazz performances. Collect a few recordings of the great jazz performers.

recordings of jazz performers

Also, study about how they play.

The best way to learn the jazz styles is by listening to the master’s performances.

Finally, take what you’ve heard and corporate it to your performance.

#Step 1​2:

Once you’ve listened to many jazz styles and studied them, the logical approach is to develop your own style.

However, jazz music is all about expressing your individual ability and personality. 

Make your own music by playing darker notes or mixing various jazz techniques.

Tips & Tricks

  • ​Practice daily for at least one hour to improve your jazz trumpeting skills.
  • ​To get better in at jazz playing, include making jazz music in your daily schedule.
  • ​Keep listening to the standards of other trumpet players. Try to mimic their standards. Ask your instructor to help you in developing your own standards.

​Final Words

Playing jazz trumpet is quite difficult to learn. Even the best instructor can’t teach you to learn all the skills.

It’s all about your dedication and practice to learning.

So, if you are willing to be a jazz trumpeter, practice it every day.

In this article, the steps about how to play a jazz trumpet have been discussed.

​Read them and try to follow them. Surely, you will be a great trumpeter eventually.

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