How To Clean Saxophone: 5 Easy Steps

Who doesn't love the sweet sound of a saxophone?

If you are a saxophone lover and have a saxophone of your own, you must have to check the article of cleaning a saxophone.

The saxophone is a lovely instrument to play. But the problem is you have to take excellent care of it.

You have to clean it weekly to maintain it.

If you fail to clean it properly, it may smell appalling and will damage the sweetness of saxophone.

​Also spoil the tune of the saxophone.

So, let’s check out how can you properly clean your saxophone.

​Cleaning Process Of Saxophone​

Clean the mouthpiece

Cleaning a saxophone is very tough. When it's time for cleaning the mouthpiece, you have to know the correct way of cleaning it.

Some of us face problem while cleaning the mouthpiece.

First of all, you have to remove the reed. Then you have to remove the ligature of the mouthpiece.

After that, you have to clean the foreign particles by using the mouthpiece brush.

You have to pass the lukewarm water through the mouthpiece for washing it.

You can use the brush again for cleaning the mouthpiece to ensure all the foreign particles are removed.

Finally, you have to dry it out with the help of a clean cloth.

Swab the neck

You have to use the brush attachment here. You have to pass the brush through the larger, base opening on the neck.

Come out to the narrow side.

You have to make sure the part is thoroughly cleaned from the foreign particles. Be aware of the bacterial growth.

You must have to clean it properly to avoid the bacterial growth. You can pass some warm water through it to clean it.

But you have to be conscious about the cork.

Because if it gets the touch of water, it will swell the water and become deformed. So, clean it with high consciousness.

Swab the body

Using the Standard cleaning kit you can easily swap the body. There will be a kit for washing the body.

It will look like a brush and cloth attached on a long string with the weighted opposite end.

Then you have to put the weighted end in the bell of the saxophone.

Now make the saxophone upside down. Bring the weight end completely through the body.

You have to pull the swab gently through the body.

Now repeat the process for several times. That moment you must down the key for the much cleaning.

We do that process to slowing the bacterial growth inside the saxophone.

Check and Clean the keypads

It is the most complicated process while cleaning the keypads.

There are many keys on a saxophone, so it could be the most time-consuming part of cleaning the saxophone.

You have to look on each of the keys. You have to make sure that pads are ok.

If a pad is torn, you have to repair it from the local market.

While cleaning the pad, put a paper underneath the pad. Then close the valve and gently pull the paper out.

It will remove the foreign elements from the pads. No check the pads again and repeat the process again if necessary.

​Swab and Grease the corks

Corks are the very useful parts of a saxophone.

For cleaning it, you just have to swab it gently. Then you have to coat it with the grease.

While greasing it, you have to be aware. Because if you do not grease it properly, it will cause the bad sound from the saxophone.

You have to put a liberal amount of cork grease.

Now just rub the grease to condition the cork. Then add another light coating of grease.

If you do it weekly, there will be an effective seal. Don't grease the little bits of cork. They are just there for padding.

​And lastly, assemble your saxophone with care.

Here is a video created by Bill Isenhart. Hope it will give you more idea.

Common ​Problems ​​Create ​During ​Cleaning

Cork get wet

It is the most common problem we face while cleaning a saxophone.

We pass lukewarm water through the neck of the saxophone to clean it properly.

But the problem is sometimes the cork get wet. The cork swells the water and becomes deformed. The shape of the cork gets corrupted.

But there is a solution to that problem. First of all be aware of not letting the cork wet.

If it does, as fast as you can make the cork dry.

First, wipe it with a cloth then put the cork in the microwave oven in very low temperature to evaporate the water.

The swab stuck in the body

While cleaning the body part, we put the swab inside the body and gently remove it to clean the inside of a saxophone.

But sometimes the swab stuck in the body. It is a disgusting moment of cleaning the saxophone.

If the swab is attached to the body of the saxophone, first you have to try to reach the swab or the weighted end with your hand.

If you fail, then use a thin stick to remove the swab.

Don't use water that moment because the water will help the swab to hold better in the saxophone.

​Unclean keypads

It is also a common problem we face while cleaning a saxophone.

Several times we got contaminated keypads. Cleaning that part of a saxophone is tough.

You have to clean the keypads each with high care. Sometimes we become impatient while cleaning the keypads of a saxophone.

That moment we clean the pads with damned care. For that reason, we found the unclean keypads.

To avoid that problem, we just need to do the cleaning process with endurance. You can do this thing while listening to a song.

That will give you patience and concentration of work.

Final Words​

Yes, we find out that cleaning a saxophone is not easy. It is very hard and tough work to do.

You will face some mind burning problems too while cleaning a saxophone.

But as you are a saxophone lover you have to take the best care of your saxophone. We just tell you about cleaning the saxophone.

You can now properly clean it with the guidelines. We know how much you care for your saxophone.

​That is why we shared the knowledge. We hope it may help you in future.

 Happy Music!

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