​The 6 Best Tenor Sax Mouthpiece You Can Buy In 2019

​Is your saxophone not making the sound you want? Blowing air has somehow become harder for you?

experts of trumpet

​Need to change the mouthpiece but don't know which one meets your requirements?

Then you have come to the right page.

I have used many of the mouthpieces out there in the market and made a list of the best tenor saxophone mouthpiece.

I have enlisted detailed description about each one of them.

There is enough information provided for you to know all about their origin and variation.

I have tested mouthpieces for about two weeks in a row. So I can save your time.

Just go through these tenor mouthpieces that I have enlisted in this article.

I hope and ensure you that you will find the perfect mouthpiece for you.

So why wait and waste your precious time? Start reading this tenor saxophone mouthpiece review and know the one!

Price Comparison Of Best Tenor Sax​ Mouthpiece







0.8 ounces

6 x 2 x 2 inches


0.6 ounces

2.3 x 1.4 x 4.7 inches


1.4 ounces

3.9 x 0.9 x 1.4 inches


2.​08 ounces

5.4 x 1.8 x 1.3 inches


2.4 ounces

4 x 2 x 2 inches


​4.6 ounces

​5.​4 x 1.9 x 1.​4 inches

#1 Vandoren SM721 TL3 Optimum Series Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

​Why We Love It?

The quality control of the Vandoren series is unbeatable due to their special and unique features.

With top-notch fit and finish, this saxophone mouthpiece is one of the best one out there in the market.

Easy blowing capacity and full control are assured with this mouthpiece.

Some of the unique features of this tenor saxophone mouthpiece are in below.

​Highlighted Features

Top Notch Finish

Firstly, the Vandoren Tenor Saxophone Mouthpieces have always been best at the quality.

The finish is perfect from tip to toe. The inside and outside is perfectly finished. The body is marvelous.

Full Sound Control

Secondly, this Vandoren mouthpiece is a master in sound control and calibration.

It gives you clear sound in both low and high pitch tones.

You needn't worry about blowing your breath out if you use this. It has an advanced system for the perfection of sound.

The blowing becomes comfortable and making good quality sound is easier.

​No Limits in Music Types

Lastly, this mouthpiece would allow you to break your boundaries.

No matter what sort of a musician you are, Jazz or Classical, it would be perfect for any of them.

It allows smooth transitions and bright tones.

This feature allows the player to play both warm and pitched tones.

​Bottom Line

​If you are a fast learning beginner, then there are enough features for you to start with this one. Again, if you have a thirst for playing both jazz and classical music, then this is the one for you.

#2 Selmer 7713 Goldentone #3 Tenor Sax Mouthpiece

​Why We Love It?

Not every mouthpiece out there is costly and designed for experts.

The Selmer Tenor Mouthpiece is a type that is designed mainly for those who are into relentless practice sessions.

With excellent tonal quality and better sound capacity, this mouthpiece delivers what it promises.

The main features of this mouthpiece are below.

​Highlighted Features

​Built For Random Practice Sessions

Firstly, unlike all the other mouthpieces in the market this one is a little different.

It is designed mainly for those beginners who want a promising future as saxophone players.

It supports relentless and random playing.

With longer lasting capacity and better build, this mouthpiece is the best choice for beginners and casual players.

You can play for a longer period as you want. This mouthpiece has a steel body. This makes it go a long way.

​Quality At Reasonable Price

Secondly, this mouthpiece comes at a reasonably low price.

You will get the best quality starter mouthpiece for the lowest price. It has great sound and tonal quality.

If you have confusion about the quality, then I can assure you of it.

As I have tested it personally, I know how good of a starter mouthpiece this is.

​Bottom Line

​If you are a beginner and passionate about learning to play saxophone, then this is the perfect one for you. Buying at a low price, you will get all the features you need as a starter. You can practice for a long time as you want. You won't ever be disappointed at the mouthpiece because of its excellent sound deliverance. Think this is the one you were looking for? Then place an order!

#3 Rico Graftonite Tenor Sax Mouthpiece, B5

​Why We Love It?

With availability in three facings and other chambers, this Rico Tenor Mouthpiece comes with ease in tone production and better playability.

One of the best tenor saxophone mouthpiece.

It allows the player to blow air and have full control easily. With broad tonal range support, it gives the player a wide variety of tones to play.

This mouthpiece is one of a kind for its unique features. Some of its amazing features are below.

​Highlighted Features

​Ease of Tone

Firstly, the Rico Graftonite Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece delivers ease of sound making.

Blowing air into the hole and maintaining balance to make perfect tone and sound is a lot easier with this mouthpiece.

Through this, the playability becomes easier too.

You can shift from high tones to low tones very quickly and with comfort. Sound and tone shifting is a lot easier.

So, no matter what type of a player you are, your sounds will be amazing.

​Amazing Durability

Secondly, the Rico Mouthpieces have come from in a state-of-the-art research center funded by the company.

The mouthpieces are tested countless times in different condition.

So, the durability is perfectly ensured by itself. The build quality is above questions the best out there.

​Bottom Line

​It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or a regularly playing professional, this mouthpiece is best for all. It supplies perfect tonal range. The sound created is deeper and shallower. It just fills up space. Does this mouthpiece meet your requirements? Then why wait? Order it now!

#4 UMsky Nickel Plated Metal Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

​Why We Love It?

This nickel plated UMsky Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece comes with some very unusual features.

It has the best grade quality. It contains high-quality metal.

Perfect tonal capability and incredible sound quality have made this mouthpiece a popular one among players.

The difference between the sound this mouthpiece makes and the others is apparent to the naked ear.

Some of the amazing features of this mouthpiece are in below.

​Highlighted Features

​Longevity Ensured

Firstly, this tenor mouthpiece has a stable build. It accommodates high-quality metal. A layer of nickel protects the metal.

This nickel plating saves the metal from corrosion and other weather hazards.

So, your mouthpiece is always protected in both outdoors and indoors.

Great Tonal Balance

Secondly, this mouthpiece has advanced technology to make perfect tones.

It makes perfect tones in both high and low registers. You will have complete flexibility while playing.

You'll get full control over the sound you make.

​Faster Response

​Lastly, there is a different tone chamber in this mouthpiece.

This sound chamber ensures more rapid responses while playing.

So you can change shifts and tone ranges very fast with this mouthpiece. It won't need additional breaths or air flows.

​Bottom Line

​If you are serious at playing and need a mouthpiece that can play all registers finely then this is the best tenor saxophone mouthpiece for you. It will give you ease of the game along with perfect tonal balance. The sound created would be excellent without giving extra efforts. Are you serious at playing your instrument? Then why wait? Order this now!

#5 Palatino PW-220-T Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

​Why We Love It?

With a plastic build and soft and dark sound quality, the Palatino Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece is a promising one.

It's a mouthpiece made in the Asian region. Though it has a hard and slippery break, it makes the sounds milder.

The reticulated surface gives better grip while playing the instrument.

There are some special and unique features of this tenor mouthpiece.

Some of the great features are shortly here for you.

​Highlighted Features

​Better Reticulated Surface

Firstly, the Palatino Mouthpiece has a modest and articulating surface.

This feature allows it to keep the amount of air inside the mouthpiece. It provides a better grip for the mouth.

So blowing air into the saxophone becomes easier. It has better grip than the other smooth surfaces.

So the sound making process becomes easier too.

​Milder and Darker Sound

Secondly, the sound created by this mouthpiece is mellower and softer.

Compared to other steel made mouthpieces, this one delivers a more sweetened sound and tone.

There is a tip opening at the side of the mouthpiece.

This makes it suitable for beginners. But it's also excellent for regular and professional players.

So, there is nothing to worry about the tonal quality of this mouthpiece.

​Bottom Line

​If you're an amateur and are going to play your instrument regularly, then this mouthpiece is perfect for you. Again, if you want shallow and mild tones, this one is an excellent choice. The plastic build and side rails make it sound amazing. Though there are some uncut sharp edges, you can work perfectly with it.

#6 Aibay Plated Bb Tenor Saxophone Metal Mouthpiece

​Why We Love It?

Well thought out ligature and proper geometry along with golden tonal perfection have made this mouthpiece a popular one among all others in the market.

The affordable price range makes it even better for every saxophone player.

It has some unique features comparing to its low price. Some of its best features are below.

​Highlighted Features

​Fabulous Geometry

Firstly, this mouthpiece has an impressive geometric shape which makes its sounds incredible.

All the regular saxophone players suggest this mouthpiece for its great sound variation.

As an extra, its ligature is well thought out too. This makes it even more amazing.

Affordable and Perfectly Toned

Secondly, the ​Aibay Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece comes with perfect tonal capacity.

It delivers perfect high and low pitch tones. The sound quality is good enough for anyone.

It has been tested countless times by music instructors. So it is approved by them.

Again, the metal build makes the tones more complicated and perfect.

​Comfortable and Responsive

Lastly, this mouthpiece ensures players comfort.

It's specially enhanced harmonics, and streamlines gives players the best comfort at playing.

Moreover, its response is excellent. It has a high and improved baffle design that ensures fast response for better tones and sound.

​Bottom Line

​If you're in search of a cheap but fantastic quality mouthpiece, then this is the one for you. You needn't keep any confusion about the quality as it is pretty much best in the market. Again, it will last long too. So if your requirements meet its specifications then why wait? Order this now!

Things To Consider About Tenor Mouthpiece?

There are some crucial factors to look at before buying a tenor mouthpiece.

You have to be very careful about the details of the product you are buying.

You need to be sure what you want out of the mouthpiece you are going to buy.

Then you have to look at the options and features the mouthpiece is going to offer you.

There are also some important factors which you must know before buying. I have pointed them out below.

Tonal Quality

Firstly, you need to know about the type of tones that you are going to make with your saxophone.

There are different types of mouthpieces for various type of sounds.

If you are into jazz music, then you should look for a mouthpiece that makes shallow and deep tones.

Again, if you are an outstanding player, then you should look for a mouthpiece that is comfortable in all registers.

Build Quality

Secondly, you need to know the materials the mouthpiece contains.

There are some mouthpieces which have plastic coverings. These are good for tones but have sharp and uncut edges.

That is a problem if you are a beginner.

Again, there are some mouthpieces made with metal. These are reliable and durable.


Lastly, you should know if the mouthpiece you are buying would adjust with your instrument or not.

The size of your mouthpiece and the length of its reed describe whether it will fit or not.

So check and double check the mouthpiece size before buying it.


​Final Words...

Finding the perfect mouthpiece is a very tough job.

You would have to spend at least a whole day in a music shop and try different mouthpieces.

Even with that, it would take an excellent musical sense to get the right one.

Firstly, you won't have the patience for that.

Secondly, if you even manage to sit for all that time, there is no guarantee that your ears and mind will support you through all that time.

Above all, if you indeed manage all of that there is no telling that you will find the best one.

So I have made the list of best tenor saxophone mouthpiece. I’m pretty sure all of these mouthpiece have the standard quality to go with your tenor very well.

 Happy Music!

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