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Are you searching for a quality stand on which you can keep your saxophone reliably?

If affirmative, then you have come to the right place.

Saxophone stand is a vital component for keeping your saxophone safe from damage and scratch on the body.

There are many saxophones stands available in the market. But among those, which one you should choose.

To help you out of this, I have done an excellent research and found out the best saxophone stand in the market.

Here I will inform you about these products.

Moreover, I will let you know the best brands and the factors to consider to choose a saxophone stand.

Let’s get started with the saxophone stand reviews.

Price Comparison Of Best Saxophone Stand







2.2 pounds

5.5 x 12.6 x 4.2 inches

Hamilton Stands

2.1 pounds

19 x 14 x 19 inches


​4.41 pounds

​5 x 5.1 x 20.5 inches

#1 Hercules DS532BB Alto/Tenor Sax Stand w/Bag

Why We Love It?

Hercules DS53​2BB is masterpiece design of a dynamic stand which is capable of changing its position to make it hold an alto or tenor saxophone.

Besides, with the easy folding functionality, it has become much user-friendly.

Also, extra peg holes and the carry bag make it more lovable to the customers.

Now, I am informing you about all the features and the benefit of this fantastic saxophone stand below.

Highlighted Features

Folding Yoke with Locking Pin

It arrives with a folding yoke in it which enables you to keep your alto or tenor saxophone very securely on it.

There is a locking pin in this sax stand which lets you set up and tear down it anytime very easily.

It locks the stand in a place, and you can fold it compactly with a simple press.

Moreover, this yoke, as well as the backrest of this stand, has a cover of specially formulated foam rubber to ensure the security of your saxophone’s finish.

Adjustable Backrest

You may have the collection of both alto and tenor saxophones which are different in size.

So, to accommodate it your stand correctly, you need a stand which can adjust its position to hold alto or tenor saxophone in it.

For this purpose, you get an adjustable backrest featured in this sax stand which offers you the convenience of flipping this backrest to change its position to accommodate an alto or a tenor sax.

​Extra Peg Holes & Swivel Legs

Hercules saxophone stand features you two extra peg holes on the legs of this stand which allows you to attach bolts here to keep your other instruments in it.

For this reason, you don't have to find extra space in your house to keep them safe.

Besides, swivel legs are fitted with other equipment.

​Bottom Line

If you are looking for such kind smart saxophone stand to keep your alto or tenor sax securely without worrying about getting any scratch on its body, then I recommend you this first class saxophone stand for you.

#2 Hamilton Alto/Tenor Sax Stand, Black

​Why We Love It?

Looking for a stand for your saxophone which you can travel very quickly?

Here is Hamilton Alto/Tenor Sax Stand which comes with the removable center tube and compact size to provide you this convenience.

Not only this, you can have one of the most durable and stable stands in the market by adding Hamilton Stand to your cart.

Now, check out the detailed features & benefits of this incredible alto or tenor saxophone stand.

Highlighted Features

​Simple and Quick Assembly

You can quickly collect the parts of the Hamilton saxophone stand and make it ready for keeping your alto or tenor saxophone on it.

Also, it will take a little time for you to assemble it.

Now, you can reliably rest your alto or tenor sax on this stand.

​Durable and Stable

This stand is well-known for its high-quality and extreme durability.

The body of this stand has got the finishing touch of black powder coating which is very much thick.

For this reason, it will not get damaged easily and will be last for long. Besides, this stand is much stable.

There is no worry of getting grounded with a simple bump on it.

You can rest your instruments without any tension.

​Compact Size

​This fantastic saxophone stand has small size very much. For this reason, you can travel with it very comfortably.

Also, you can store it in your house when not in use.

For this purpose, you can remove the center support tube for getting the most compact size and travel or store it by fitting it into a gig bag or a backpack.

​Bottom Line

Have one of the best saxophone stand in your house or music store to display your alto or tenor saxophone safely by buying Hamilton Alto/Tenor Sax Stand soon.

#3 Titan Folding Alto or Tenor Saxophone Tall Standing Stand

​Why We Love It?

Get the most exclusive design of the musicians for musicians the Titan Folding Alto or Tenor Saxophone Tall Standing Stand for keeping your alto or tenor saxophone safe and secured from any damage or scratch.

It includes all the user-friendly features in it to display the instrument smartly.

Let’s continue and check out every inch and corner of this great saxophone stand.

Highlighted Features

​Upper & Lower Yoke Support

Titan has a fantastic feature of adjustable upper and lower yoke support.

For this reason, you get a great convenience of giving support to the saxophone with perfect balance to keep it safe and secured on this stand.

​Velveteen Rubber S​urface

This stand is covered with velveteen rubber in the surface where the parts of the saxophone come in the contact when it is kept on the stand for rest.

For this reason, there is no chance of getting a scratch or any damage to the body.

This rubber surface protects this kind of unexpected event and keeps it secure on the stand.

​Non-slip Rubber Feet Caps

Finally, there are rubber feet caps attached to every foot of the stand. These feet caps are non-slip.

For this reason, Titan Folding Alto or Tenor Saxophone Tall Standing Stand gets an extreme stability.

Therefore, it doesn't slip or fall due to a mere bump on it.

​Bottom Line

​Ensure the most safety of your favorite alto or tenor saxophone with ultimate stability with this outstanding Stand. Order it soon to collect one now.

#4 Stageline SAX32 Saxophone Combo Stand

​Why We Love It?

Stageline SAX32 Saxophone Combo Stand is a reliable component for resting the saxophone safely.

With the exclusive adjustability feature of this stand let you make it hold your alto or tenor saxophone very easily.

Not only this, but it will also keep your clarinet or flute also.

Now, I am describing the details of this great stand below.

Highlighted Features

​Adjustable for Alto or Tenor Saxophone

It is one of the best saxophone stand in the market for its impressive feature of adjusting it for accommodating alto or tenor saxophone.

You can quickly change its position for keeping alto or tenor saxophone whatever you want.

So, now you have the flexibility to display any alto or tenor saxophone with this stand.

​Two Pegs for Clarinet or Flute

This great stand features two pegs for keeping clarinets or flute on the stand.

For this reason, you don't need to search for extra space for keeping your clarinet or flute safely.

Now, you got the convenience to use this saxophone stand for storing this equipment also.

​Angled Backrest

​At last, the backrest of Stagg Saxophone Stand is slightly angled.

For this reason, the stand gets more stability while it's holding your alto or tenor saxophone and other equipment.

Moreover, for this particular angled backrest feature, it gets better support also.

So, it ensures the security of your instruments reliably.

​Bottom Line

​I suggest you buy Stageline Stand if you are looking for a saxophone stand which gives you the flexibility to rest alto or tenor sax with other equipment with much stability.

#5 Tunne Saxophone Stand For Alto/Tenor

​Why We Love It?

Tunne Saxophone Stand for Alto/Tenor is a safe space for keeping your alto or tenor saxophone as this stand will give a sturdy and well-balanced base for holding the instruments.

Besides, you don't have to bother about the assembly or disassembly of it.

Additionally, extra holes and adjustable backrest give you the exceptional flexibility to use it comfortably.

Want to know more about it? Keep going through.

Highlighted Features

​Easy Assemble & Disassemble

This Tunne saxophone gives you the facility of assembling and disassembling the stand very quickly.

You can assemble this stand for keeping your alto or tenor saxophone by using the locking pin fit and keep it stand.

When you want to disassemble it, you can easily do that by unscrewing the pegs and the locking pin.

​Adjustable Backrest & Peg Holes with Swivel Legs

This great saxophone stand includes an adjustable backrest with it which makes it change its position to fit an alto or a tenor saxophone which are variable in size.

You can adjust it with the backrest very quickly.

Moreover, you get two additional peg holes and swivel legs in the stand to keep other playing voices and equipment in this stand securely.

​Strong Base & Solid Construction

Last, of all, this great stand has a vigorous and sturdy base to keep it on the ground firmly.

Besides, the solid construction of the stand makes it more durable and unbreakable.

For this reason, this position always remains in well-balanced and safe for your instrument.

So, you can display your saxophone always and keep it ready to play all the time which will encourage you to play and practice it regularly.

​Bottom Line

​Tunne Saxophone Stand for Alto/Tenor is a must buy the product for you if you want to display your instrument safely protecting from any scratch or damage.

Which Brand Is Best For Saxophone Stand?

Saxophone stand is a basic kit for your saxophone to rest it safely.

For this reason, this saxophone must be stable enough to hold the weight of your instrument reliably and keep it in a well-balanced.

For this purpose, you have to choose a firm and well-constructed saxophone to stand from the market.

There are many brands available in the market who produce saxophone stands for different types of saxophones.

Here I have come with some information about the best brands of saxophone stand which may help you to choose the best one from the market.

Let’s get started.

Hamilton is one of the most well-known brands in the world who produces quality saxophone stands.

​ provides stands for various types of saxophones which are much durable and stable.

Moreover, easy assembly system of it makes it more lovable to the customers.

Hercules is another brand whose products are capable of holding your alto or tenor or any saxophones reliably.

Besides, many saxophones stands of this brand provide you the flexibility to keep the various type of saxophone by adjusting its backrest.

Also, Tunne is another reliable brand for making sturdy and solid stands for holding the saxophone safely.

Besides, many of the stands feature extra peg holes for keeping the additional equipment.

Apart from these brands Titan, Stageline, Stagg are great producers of quality saxophone stands.

You can make your choice among this brands for getting a reliable component for resting your instrument.

How To Choose A Saxophone Music Stand?


To ensure the safety of the saxophone, a sound quality saxophone stand is a must.

For this reason, you have to choose the saxophone very wisely.

If your saxophone stand is not up to mark class, then it may not be able to hold the weight of your instrument.

As a result, it won't be able to keep the balance and get grounded, and a severe damage may occur to your saxophone.

Then you won't have the time for regret.

For this purpose, you have to do a proper research and keep a close eye on several factors before buying a quality saxophone stands.

So, what factors you should consider?

Want to know? Continue reading. Here I have discussed below.

Size, Weight & Type of Saxophone You Use

Before buying a saxophone stand, you have to consider the size, weight and the type of your saxophone.

There are various settings and functions in different stands which are suitable for various types of saxophone.

Besides, the stands are made estimating a size and weight of a saxophone.

So, check the stand if it meets up all the requirements of your saxophone to hold it correctly.

Sturdy Construction

Check out the building material of the stand for ensuring the durability of the stand.

If the construction is not sturdy and strong enough, it will not be able to tolerate the weight of the saxophone and may break down.


The stand must be well-stable. If the stand is not stable, it may fall due to a little bump on it.

So, double-check the stability of the stand. If there are non-slip grips in the legs, that would be great.

Smooth Finish

The body of the stand should have a right end with the high-quality coating.

If there exist rough spots on the body, it may become a cause of scratch on the body of the saxophone.

Besides, the surface where the parts of the instrument come in contact should have rubber pad to keep the saxophone secured.

Final Words...

In fine, I hope that this article will be very much helpful to find the best saxophone stand for your saxophone.

Also, it will give you a unique idea of judging a saxophone stand.

​So, find the best one and keep your instrument safe.

  Happy Music!

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