6 ​Best Alto Sax Reeds ​(​The Definitive Guide For Beginners)

Are you looking for the best quality reeds for your saxophone? If affirmative, then you have come to the right place.

Here in this article, I will provide you the review of the best alto saxophone reed in the market.

I have briefly discussed the crucial features of these products which will be helpful for you to find your best match by comparing them.

Moreover, in the later part, I have discussed the choice of the brands of reeds for the sake of helping the newbie learners of the saxophone.

Also, you will get to know some important things about the reeds you might not know about the reeds in this article.

So, go through the alto saxophone reeds for beginners reviews one by one.

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#1 Rico Royal Alto Sax Reeds

​Why We Love It?

Rico Alto Sax Reeds are one of the best reeds for alto saxophone in the market for its incredible capability to make the intonation of the Saxophone awesome.

French Filed Cut Premium grade cane provides you consistent response for playing smooth adding more clarity to the tone.

Overall, these individual reeds are perfect for the people who love to play the classical or jazz music.

Now, I am telling you about the inch and corner of this product in the following section of this review.

​Highlighted Features

High Resonance & Harmonics

This fantastic reed is made from premium grade which is given the traditional French file cut with a healthy spine.

For this particular cutting and the construction of the reed causes it to increase the resonance and deliver an excellent harmonic from the reed.

Additionally, it adds an extra clarity to the intonation of the saxophone.

Natural Soft Attacks

The French file cut of the cane in making of the reeds not only increases the resonance and the harmonic of the reed but also it makes the soft attacks very comfortable and easier to the players of the saxophone.

Quick and Consistent Response

​Lastly, these are very efficient to give rapid and consistent response while you are playing.

Especially, in the low register, it delivers an ultimate response to give you an excellent performance of playing.

For this reason, it has a great use in both classical and jazz applications.

​Bottom Line

If you want to experience the high-quality melody from your saxophone, attach Rico Royal Alto Sax Reeds and make it easier and comfortable for you.

#2 Hemke Alto Sax Reeds

​Why We Love It?

Hemke ​Reeds are specially designed to produce a dark tone which is perfect for professional classic and traditional jazz saxophonists.

The usual round chambered mouthpieces are the best match for this reed.

The response of this reed in the low register is remarkable to add clarity to the tone and make the soft attacks easier.

Now, I am informing you about this reed in details in the next section of this article.

​Highlighted Features

Dark Tone

D'Addario Reserve Alto Saxophone Reeds delivers you a beautiful dark tone for the shorter vamp of this reed which is suitable for the classical and jazz music.

If you love to play this kind of melody or a professional classical or jazz saxophonist, then this reed would be your best match.

Fast Response and Easy Articulation

The tip of the reed is slightly thinner than the other reed in the market.

For this reason, this reed gives you a quick response every time to deliver ultimate performance.

Additionally, the tip is well-balanced. Therefore, it makes the articulation makes it very easy and comfortable.

​Premium Grade Cane

​First class premium grade cane is given field cut to increase the depth of the harmonics.

For this reason, you get outstanding flexibility, consistent response from the reed every time.

Moreover, in the low register, it delivers the tone with excellent clarity.

​Bottom Line

​Classical or traditional jazz music lover? Play your saxophone along this music with a dark tone which is required? Make it comfortable and easy with Hemke Alto Sax Reeds.

#3 Vandoren SR213 Alto Sax Traditional Reeds

​Why We Love It?

Vandoren ​Reed is masterpiece design for producing pure and quality sound out of a Saxophone.

This design features a fragile reed tip balanced by a solid vertebral column. These high reeds are very much flexible and suitable in all registers.

Moreover, it has been a favorite reed to many classic and modern saxophonists all over the globe.

Let's have a thorough look at the features and the benefits of this reed that I have provided below.

​Highlighted Features

​Extremley Pure Sound

​The tip of this fantastic reed is fragile. As the vibration in this area is maximum, this tip produces an incredibly pure sound from your saxophone.

Besides, there is a solid vertebral column which keeps the balance well for giving an outstanding performance of the reed.

​Fantastic Flexibility

​This Reed will provide you extreme flexibility while playing the saxophone.

You can maintain the richness of the tone and the clarity of the sound alongside the legato or staccato execution of large intervals.

Moreover, you will get a good response in all registers from this reed with the pianissimo attack even in the high notes.

​"Flow Pack" Sealed

​You will get an ultimate fresh reed when you unpack it as it is sealed in special "Flow Pack."

This particular pack keeps the freshness and quality of the reed fine.

For this reason, it gives you excellent performance all the time.

​Bottom Line

​Grab one of the best alto saxophone reeds in the market for getting ultimate melody from your saxophone with extremely pure intonation with excellent flexibility all the time you play. Like this? Collect your pack soon.

#4 Rico Alto Sax Reeds

​Why We Love It?

Rico Alto Sax Reeds are designed in such a way that it makes your Saxophone playing easier and assists you to play in various situations.

These reeds are cut from quality flexible cane which gives you extraordinary powerful tone for the unfiled cut.

The best thing of these reeds is that the price is very much affordable.

For this reason, it has been favorite to students, educators and the professional players for years.

Let's go down and check out the detailed features of this efficient reed.

​Highlighted Features

​Natural Playing

​Rico ​Reeds are arrived in the market to make yourself easy and comfortable to play the saxophone either you are a novice learner or a professional player.

In its unique design, it is given Thinner vamp cut which eases the playing for you.

Moreover, it enables you to play in various situations.

​Precise Grading

​Rico Alto Sax Reeds are made from the first-class flexible grade of cane which is given an unfiled cut to produce an authoritative tone with it.

For its amazing quality and strength, it has been ranked precisely and got the best value for many years all over the world.

​Affordable Price

​If you are on a small budget and want to get the best performance from a reed in your price range, then Rico Alto Sax Reeds would be the best product for you.

The price is very much affordable. Learners and the educators can easily buy this reed on a small budget.

​Bottom Line

​Buy one of the best alto saxophone reeds in the market at an affordable price and make yourself comfortable to play your saxophone and continue creating soothing melody all the time. Like this? Collect your box of reeds soon.

#5 D'Addario Reserve Alto Saxophone Reeds

​Why We Love It?

Spread the warmest and the richest tone from your Saxophone by attaching the cooling D'Addario Reserve Alto Saxophone Reeds to it.

Get the ultimate dynamic flexibility from its large spine and smooth articulation for the thickness of the tip.

These reeds are digitally measured to cut its complex geometrical shape nicely which offers you the outstanding performance of the Saxophone.

Now, scroll down and check out the details of one of the best alto saxophone reed in the market.

​Highlighted Features

​Rich and Warm Intonation

​D'Addario Reserve Alto Saxophone Reed shave a thick blank which gives you a sweet, warm tone while you are playing your saxophone.

For this blank the sound comes out of it is so much rich and tonal quality is exceptional in all registers.

Besides, the thickness of the tip makes the articulation much easier.

​Dynamically Flexible

​Alongside the thick blank in the read, it contains a large spine which provides you a dynamic flexibility and comfort to play with this reed.

Moreover, the small rail slope in the reed gives you a continuous response to playing with fine tuning.

​Consistent Performance with Perfection

​These incredible reeds are cut from the naturally grown cane of D’Addario’s field.

The complex geometrical patterns of the reed are measured with the precise digital system.

For this reason, you get a consistent performance from D'Addario Reserve Alto Saxophone Reeds with a perfect sound.

​Bottom Line

​D'Addario Reserve Alto Saxophone Reed is for the advancing saxophone learners or the professional players. If you want to experience the best performance with perfection, collect your box of expertly designed reeds soon.

#6 Artisan Alto Saxophone Reeds

​Why We Love It?

Artisan Alto Saxophone Reeds are constructed from high-quality premium grade cane which helps to delivers a warm and full sound from the Saxophone.

Moreover, its durable construction enables it to last for a longer period without losing its proper shape or drying out or breaking.

For this reason, it is considered as the best alto saxophone reed for both novice players and professional players.

Go down to read more about this product to have more information.

​Highlighted Features

​Quality Tune

​Artisan Alto Saxophone Reeds deliver you an exceptional quality tune with your saxophone.

It provides a bright and warm tone from the instrument with the full volume of sweet sound every time of playing.

Even if you are a novice player, it doesn't matter. It will look fantastic in your hand too.

​Excellent Flexibility and Response

​This reed gives you complete flexibility to maintain the rich tone and allow the legato or staccato execution of large intervals at the same time.

Moreover, it provides you with a good response in all registers too.

Also, in highest notes, it makes you pianissimo attacks a lot easier.

​Extremely Durable

​The construction material of this Reed is the top-grade cane. For this reason, these reeds are very much durable and long lasting.

The shape of the reeds does not change, and it won't dry out very soon.

Besides, there is no chance of splintering or breaking of this great reed.

​Bottom Line

​Experience the best performance from a reed with the combination of extreme durability and quality tune which you can only get from Artisan Alto Saxophone Reeds. Either you are a beginner or a pro level player this amazing reed will be suitable for you. Like this? Buy your box soon.

Which Brand Is Best For Beginners?

Saxophone Reed is one of the most vital parts of the instrument as the tone and the resistance of the horn mostly dependent on the different types of reeds and its cutting.

There are different kinds of reeds from different brands offering various features on it.

But as a beginner, all sorts of reeds may not be suitable for you.

It may seem difficult to blow the saxophone if you don’t use the perfect reed that's right for you.

So, which brand of reeds should I choose as a learner? That must be your question.

Time is not to worry. I am here with all the answers to your issues and eradicate all your confusions of choosing the right brand.

Here we go....

As a learner of a saxophone, you must attach the reed which helps you to blow it easily to produce a quality tune.

Besides, regarding money, the reeds should be on a small budget as you would not think to spend extra money on reeds in the learning time.

The Rico brand is one of the best choices as this brand produces quality primary reed for the beginners for years at an affordable price.

Alongside the Rico Brand, another supportive brand of reeds for the beginners is Hemke.

Artisan will not be in behind to help you in your beginning lesson.

If you are an advancing learner, then you may go for D’Addario and Vandoren brand.

Eventually, I can say that if you are a newbie in playing saxophone, then I would suggest you go for the Rico Royal Brand of reeds.

​Facts You Must Know About A Reed

Saxophone reeds are one of the most important components of a saxophone.

There is some fact about the reeds which you should know to choose the best reed from the market.

Besides, it will help you to choose the appropriate reed for perfect playing situation with quality intonation.

​Here I am going to tell you some facts about a reed that you all should know before beginning the lesson of the saxophone.

  • Various brands produce different types of reeds from different types of cane. There might be thinking in your mind while purchasing a reed that which brand would be the best. But the real fact is the difference between the brands regarding sound quality is very little.
  • At next, I am going to tell you a crucial fact that might help you to detect any defect in the reed and identify if it will play well or not. First, check if there is any discoloration of the grains. After that, check the blunt end well to find out if one side is thicker than the other. Besides, the fluctuating width and the rough-cut side is a bad sign for a reed.
  • You might think that people who play on soft reeds rather than hard ones are not many experts in playing the saxophone. This is absolutely a misconception. Rather thin reeds assist you to play high notes easily with loudness.
  • You must match the reed properly with the mouthpiece. Otherwise, it will not give you the perfect sound even being a good quality reed.
  • The saxophone reeds deliver better performance when they are wet. For this reason, many players soak them with their mouth or with a container of water before playing.

Final Words...

In conclusion, I may say this review will be much helpful to you to find the best alto saxophone reed from the market and choose the best brand as a beginner.

So, choose the reed that suits you well and keeps creating a soothing melody with your saxophone.

 Happy Music!

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