How To Fix Sticky Trumpet Valves??

Are you a musical major? Or trying to be a trumpet player? Is your trumpet getting sticky frequently?

And you don't know what to do? Then this article is just for you.

​Valves need to move up and down smoothly to facilitate good playing, but sticky valves may get stuck at some locations. It usually happens when the valves get stuck through pressing.

common problems for trumpet

Again, when they are subjected to press, this problem also occurs. Sticking valves make it difficult to play ​the high notes and ruin your sound.

Though sticking valve is a common problem for trumpets, it needs to fix with proper care. So, let's go, find the ways to fix a sticky valve.

What Problems Create If The Valve Is Sticky?

Trumpet valve is another important parts of trumpet. It sometimes become sticky. 

Whether the valves move up and down, they could stop running smoothly and become stuck.

In fact, many trumpet players find their valves get stuck midway or just as when they're going to be compressed.

The following problems can occur for sticky trumpet valve:

Unwanted sound

When your trumpet gets stuck, the music it should create doesn't come out. Its sound might become flat and long.

Sometimes the music becomes too harsh that it disturbs the listeners instead of giving pleasure.

Tune stops in the midway

When the valves get stuck suddenly, air can't move through it. So, the harmony of the tune breaks down, and the music ruins.

Keys don't move

​Sticky valves don't let the keys move smoothly. Keys don't move entirely. It moves differently at the different time with the same pressure.

sticky valves

That makes the player uncomfortable as he/she doesn't know how the trumpet will act in what pressure.

Sometimes it makes the trumpet unable to play.

Damages trumpet

​Sometimes the valve might get stuck at a particular place. It might occur for different air flow or any mechanical problem.

But this creates additional rubbing on the surface that might occur metallic corrosion.

How to Oil Your Sticky Trumpet Valve?

When your trumpet valve becomes sticky, you need to grease it. To oil your valves, don't use cheap oils. 

That might damage your valve. Using high-quality oil is a must to keep your valves right.

​Confused about which is the best trumpet valve oil in the market? Then this article is only for you.

For oiling valves, first oil the third valve and work backward. You can follow the following steps to oil valves:

1. Remove valve top cap

​Valves need to place at the right place with a cap on top. You need to remove that first.

2. Pull the valve out

​When you pull the valve out, try to keep it straight. Try to avoid rotating the valve when you pull it up.

Remove the valve two third of the way (you don't need to pull the valve out from the trumpet entirely). That will let the oil go efficiently through the piston.

3. Apply oil

​Apply three to five drops of oil on each side of the valve. Don't use oil through the holes. Don't use too much oil.

apply valve oil

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That might make the valve sluggish. Excess oil might collect dust on valves which will make the trumpet dirty.

4. Replace the valve

​After the oil is applied, push the valve down maintaining its orientation.

Don't rotate the valve or the direction might be displaced. After setting the valve to its position, tighten the top cap.

5. Spread the oil

​After setting the top cap, press the valve several times to help the oil work around the valve spring, piston and casing. 

By this, oil will spread properly, and the valve will work more efficiently.

Valves should operate smooth and fast. If the valves are stuck, that creates many problems.

So, after oiling the valves, you should check whether they set correctly or not.

Without the proper setting, the air might not flow through the valves.

Common Problems Create After Oiling Valves and Their Solution

After oiling valves, some common problems might create. These problems need to solve at once.

Common problems those might create after oiling are:

. Sluggish movement

​Sometimes, after oiling, valves might become inactive. It might occur because of too much oiling.

too much oiling

In the case of oiling, avoid using too much oil. Only a few drops of oil can make valves excellent.

. Interrupted air flow

​Some might find that the air is not flowing through the valves. It might cause the disturbance of orientation.

If the valves don't place correctly, then the air flow get blocked. So, firstly you need to check the orientation.

When the valves place correctly, a click sound will form. If your valve doesn't click, rotate right or left very slightly.

. Denting

​Valves have to move freely. But air shouldn't leak between piston and valve casing wall. 

The tolerances on valves are very close. Even a small hit in the housing can lock up the valves and cause denting.

For avoid denting, the trumpet needs to handle with care.

.Low-quality instruments

​There are some low-quality instruments which are being sold on the market now. These tools have some mechanical error, and they get corroded easily.

To avoid those, you need to check your trumpet before you buy. You better take help from an expert.

old instrument

​Along with these problems, some other problems might also happen.

If any problem occurs after oiling your valves, don't get nervous. Just take your trumpet to ant repair shop or take a suggestion from experts.

Don't try to solve any problem by yourself if you don't know.

​Final Words

So, now know how to fix your valve. Your trumpet needs the care to make the proper sound.

Also, you need to buy a high-quality trumpet. I hope this article would help you to understand your instrument and maintain it properly.

Beginners and young players, take help from others if you face any new problem. Don't try to fix by yourself.

That might be harmful to your instrument. So, take care of your trumpet and play well.

Hope you'll be able to fix the sticky valve anytime. Good luck.

  Happy Music!

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