How To Clean A Trumpet At Home?

You love to play trumpet, but for running it long, you have to take an excellent care of that.

Thus you have to clean it on a regular basis. Why do you need to clean?

Well, when you put air in the trumpet with your mouth it is sure that you are not only putting air but also several types of bacteria too. That is why you have to clean it.

For cleaning your trumpet, you have to take some steps to clean it properly.

​So, let's check out the steps of cleaning a trumpet.

Cleaning A Trumpet : Step By Step Guide

Make a solution

While cleaning anything, first of all, we need the more decent solution.

For cleaning a trumpet there we have to make a solution. You can make a solution by your own.

solution for cleaning

First, fill up your bathtub with fresh water. Then put 100 grams of washing powder.

Then mix the powder in the water by using your hand. Now the solution is ready for use.

Open the functions

The trumpet has many parts and joints. Moreover, you need to separate all the part.

Because without separating them, you can't wash them properly.


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There may be some bacterial dirt in some final part. If these parts are not opened the dust may exist.

So, you have to open the functions.

Put them in the solution

Now it's time for putting the parts of the trumpet into the solution.

Before that place a wet towel on the bottom of the bathtub for avoiding the scratching.

Now one by one put the body parts of the trumpet into the solution.

Make sure full body of the trumpet is lying under the water.

Wash mouthpiece specially

That part is the dirtiest part of a trumpet. We have to wash that mouthpiece with particular care.

wash mouthpiece specially

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You will use warm water and antibacterial liquid for cleaning the mouthpiece.

If you don't clean the mouthpiece with extra care, it may not be cleaned up properly.

Wash the body

While the Body parts are in the solution, take a wash cloth and rub them with it. Rubbing the body parts with a washcloth will clean the dirt quickly.

Clean the parts one by one. Clean all the visible part. Massage full body parts don't miss any area.

Take out and run warm water

After putting the parts in the solution overnight, it may feel that all the dirt is gone. But it's not ended yet.

Now you have to take out all the parts one by one from the solution.

Then run warm water through the body parts of the trumpet. It may clean the unclean dirt and also clean the solution.

Dip the valve in warm water

The valve of the trumpet is a sensitive part. If that part is not washed or cleaned properly, it may hamper the sound of the trumpet.

valve cleaning

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So that part needs extra care. For that, you have to dip it in the warm water for 1 to 2 hours.

Dry them up

After all cleaning and washing process, you have to dry the parts. For that, you can use a clean cloth or kitchen towels.

But there is some narrow area where your hand will not reach.

For these tricky places, use your hair dryer. It may dry them all up easily.

Polishing them

After cleaning and drying up, you will see that the trumpet is not shining as it was.

So now you have to put some polishing cream on it. Then use a polishing towel and polish it.

All the visible area must be polished. You can also use a simple polishing brush. After polishing it, the shine will come back.

Join them in a piece

Now it's the most important and the last part. That is joining all the parts and setting the trumpet in a piece.

join the trumpet

You have to enter all the body parts carefully.

Then try to play it. If it is running well, then it's ok.

But if not, check the parts again and fix where the part is missing or joined inappropriately.

Things to Take Care While Cleaning

# Carefully open the functions

When you are opening the services, you have to be very careful about all the parts.

If you can't open joints properly, you can't clean them properly.

So you must have to be careful about it. And there are some tricky joints those are not easy to open.

You can get help from the user guide about unlocking them.

# Carefully wash the mouthpiece

While cleaning it, you must use warm water but make sure the water is not more than 100 degree.

Over hot water can cause corrosion in the paints.

You must use antibacterial liquid but after using them must wash the mouthpiece with cold water.

# Carefully ​dip the valves

While dropping the valves into the warm water place the top out from the hot water because the hot water may ruin it.

Use the mouthpiece brush for cleaning the holes of the valves.

Repeat the cleaning process for several times to make sure the valves are fully cleaning up.

# Carefully ​join the parts

You need to be careful enough while entering the region. Do it slowly.

Doing this fast may collapse the body parts, and it may get a permanent scratch.

While joining you have to use some grease for slides, grease will make sure that the slide will run smoothly without getting stuck.

​Final Words

The trumpet is a sophisticated instrument. It is not so easy to clean. You will face problem while cleaning it.

If you are not cleaning it, it should easily hamper by dirt.

The sound may be affected. The bacterial growth inside the trumpet may cause health problems too.

As we know you are a lover of your trumpet, we tried our best to share the knowledge for cleaning your trumpet.

Now, after reading the article, you have gathered enough experience to clean your trumpet quickly by your own.

So, use the trumpet with good care and spend the loveliest moment with it.

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