How Much Does A Saxophone Cost In 2019?

Are you planning on buying a new saxophone? Then you have to bear in mind that saxophones are high in price.

Saxophones are the very vintage instrument. That type of musical instrument is popular in classical music.

You can easily find that in Symphony Orchestra.

All the saxophones are different in shape & size. The price of saxophone varies from 200 USD to 8000 USD.

But there is some good news that many of saxophone players offer his or her used saxophone in small price.

Let me tell you about different types of saxophone and their prices.

Different ​Types of Saxophone Cost

Alto ​Saxophone

Alto saxophone is also called "Alto Sax." It is the member of the saxophone family woodwind instruments invented by a Belgian designer named Adolphe Sax.

It developed in 1840 and patented in 1846.

Alto sax is a common musical instrument in classical music. There is variety in prices of Alto saxophone.

There are two types of Alto saxophone. One type is for students who are learning how to play the saxophone, and another is the professional users.

The Alto saxophone for students which is low in quality price starts from 280USD and the professional using high-quality Alto saxophone price up to 6500 USD.

Tenor Saxophone

The tenor saxophone is not too large. It is the medium-sized member of the saxophone family.

It is commonly using saxophone all over the world and invented by the Adolphe Sax in 1840.

The tenor saxophone user uses larger mouthpiece, reed, and ligature. You can easily distinguish it by the bend of its neck.

The tenor saxophone is a musical instrument which you can commonly use in classical music.

This type of saxophone is an occasionally included member for symphony orchestra.

The price of Tenor saxophone usually varies from 200 USD to 500 USD. But while it is for the professional user it may cross thousand dollars.

Baritone Saxophone

Baritone saxophone another name called "Bari Sax." Bari sax is one of the largest size saxophones of the saxophone family.

It is the lowest pitched saxophone which is in everyday use.

It's mouthpiece, reed, and the ligature is larger than alto sax, tenor sax, and soprano sax.

The baritone saxophone also commonly used in classical music. Adolphe Sax firstly created it in 1846.

That has been set up to be a tonal link between woodwinds and brasses.

The Bari sax comes with two types of pitches.

This types of a saxophone are much costly to buy. It varies from 2000 USD to 5000USD.

You can get a cheap quality for the student in just 500USD, but for super professional use, there is some baritone saxophone priced 8000 USD.

​Soprano Saxophone

Soprano saxophone is the higher-register saxophone. It is also from the saxophone family invented in 1846.

The designer of that saxophone is Adolphe Sax.

soprano saxophone

It is the third smallest of the family of a saxophone. It is another unified form of a saxophone.

That type of saxophone carries the pitch of C.

The soprano saxophone is vastly a musical instrument for classical music.

As it is small, it is easy to take. Its pitch is higher than baritone saxophone.

It is occasionally used in Symphony Orchestra. There are many types of soprano saxophone in the market with different quality and price.

The average quality price varies from 500 USD to 1000 USD.

You can get the lower quality in just 200 USD and the professional using in 3000 USD.

New ​And Used ​Saxophone ​Cost

New Saxophone Cost

Saxophones are not that cheap while it is brand new.

When any of us is in want to buy a saxophone, he or she must have to be aware of his or her pocket.

There are many incidents that many of us purchase a saxophone but can't afford the price.

The price is high not because of any misleading.

The manufacturing process is very costly, and this process is too complicated also.

That is why only some of the company are producing them.

As a result, the price of a new saxophone is too high to afford. The brand new saxophones are two types.

First one is of low quality and also with low price. The second one is high quality with great price.

Low-quality saxophones are for students which prices vary from 200 USD to 800 USD.

High-quality saxophones are for the professional use which price ranges from 2000 USD to 8000 USD.

​Used Saxophone Cost

As we know, all the used instruments are cheaper in price. The saxophone is also in same.

The high priced saxophone price become depressed while it is advertising in a used product buying and selling the shop.

But there is a problem that can cheat you.

Because saxophone is the very sensitive musical instrument to play.

If you get a damaged saxophone in your hand, it should be a shocking news for you.

So if you have a plan to buy a saxophone from the used market, you must check the product double time.

The used product market offers 100 USD to 1000 USD for used saxophone. If you don't get cheated, you maybe can get a huge benefit from it.

Final Words​

Saxophones are the very traditional instrument to play. It is full of class, pure class. Everyone likes the sound of a saxophone.

As we mentioned earlier, it is very high in price. Saxophones are not that cheap while it is brand new.

You have to cost high to afford one of them. But if you have the idea about the saxophone, you can get the best one for you.

Used saxophones are not too much different from the brand new one. If you don't get cheated, you maybe can get a huge benefit from it.

​But it's all about your ability and trust which one will you buy for yourself.

 Happy Music!

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