​Best Tenor Saxophone Reeds ​In 2019

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Saxophone not making the sound you desire? Can't play high pitch tones smoothly?

Need to change the reed? Then here's the right page for you.

As an expert in musical instruments, I have gathered information on some of the best tenor saxophone reeds in this article.

The sound of a saxophone produces when the air blown in mouthpiece reaches the reed.

The reed vibrates rapidly and makes the air flow through the saxophone to make tones.

So the tonal quality you will make depends mostly on the reed and mouthpiece.

If there's a problem with your saxophones sound, then it is mostly because the mouthpiece or reed is not working properly.

If you are facing the problem discussed here, then you just need to buy a better quality reed.

Here, I will provide you some information about some of the best tenor saxophone reeds out there in the market.

So keep reading if you have the interest in finding the best one for you.

Price Comparison Of Best Tenor Sax Reeds









0.8 ounces

1.5 x 2 x 5 inches



0.8 ounces

6.7 x 3.6 x 0.3 inches

D'Addario Woodwinds


0.3 ounces

1.5 x 1 x 4 inches



1.6 ounces

3.9 x 0.9 x 2.8 inches



1.6 ounces

​6 x 0.4 x 4 inches

#1 Vandoren SR223 Tenor Sax Traditional Reeds

​Why We Love It?

​Producing an exceptional quality of extremely clear and pure sound is what this reed is designed for.

Because of its fragile reed tip, the sound created balances through a solid vertebral column.

Some of its unique features are below.

​Highlighted Features

Quickest Response

Firstly, these traditional reeds are well known and famous for their response rate.

They have excellent quality response rate in all registers.

It allows a little pianissimo attack through all the tones including high and low pitch tones.

So you will get extremely pure and clear sound. The vibration would be enough for you to make perfect sounds in all pitches.

Extreme Tonal Flexibility

Secondly, the tenor saxophone reeds are excellent at tonal flexibility.

It allows the large intervals to have legato or staccato execution in a perfect shape.

It also maintains a rich taste of tones. All together, they give the sounds both body and clarity.

The sound has both the deepness and the ability to fill up space. It is a special and unique ability of Vandoren reeds.

​Fits in All

Lastly, the traditional reed is for all the saxophones out there in the market.

Whether you have an old model or a new one, it will fit. These are available for all the clarinets in the market.

You won't have to worry about the reed matching your saxophone.

​Bottom Line

If you are a traditional reed seeker and love the purity of saxophones sound, then this reed is definitely for you. It will provide you extra smoothness of sound. So if this meets your requirements, order it right now!

#2 Rico Tenor Sax Reeds, 3-pack

​Why We Love It?

Having a wide variety of tones and playing situations, the Rico Tenor Saxophone Reeds have become very popular among regular players.

One of the best reed for tenor saxophone.

They provide the ease of the game option in and affordable and comfortably low price range.

Because of these and convenient packaging system, musicians worldwide are using these as best value reeds.

Some of the features provided by it are below.

​Highlighted Features

​Ease of Play

Firstly, the Rico Tenor Reeds come with an option of ease of the game.

It enables the musician to play their instrument with comfort. These reeds are designed to vibrate quickly.

That means making tones with it becomes easier than usual.

You can play high pitch notes pretty swiftly and relentlessly without getting breathless using this reed.

​Powerful Tonal Balance

Secondly, the tones created by using this reed can be easily separated from others.

It does a perfect balance between the deepness and the high pitches.

You can have both bass and treble tones altogether and perfectly offset by using this reed.

Again, the ease of play would help you playing then as you go. You won't need to pause for a breath anymore.

​Affordable and Classic

Lastly, the Rico Tenor Reeds comes with a traditional setup which makes it ready to use in any saxophone.

All these reeds are manufactured with state-of-the-art equipment so that it can be used in all the saxophones out there in the market.

As a sole factor, these reeds are affordable for all levels of musicians.

The price is low compared to the options provided, and quality assured.

​Bottom Line

​If you are an intermediate level saxophone player, then I would suggest you go with this reed. It will give you a clear concept of the tones. You won't have to become breathless every time you play your instrument. So it is a must have for starters. If you like the specifications provided by this reed, then you should order it online now!

#3 D'Addario Reserve Tenor Saxophone Reeds

​Why We Love It?

Promoting dynamic flexibility with a rich and warm tone has made this premium, filed Reed one of the most popular one out there in the market.

The exceptional sound quality this reed provides in all registers is one of the unique features of it.

With a traditional thickness, these reeds provide ease of articulation.

As an extra attraction, these reeds are crafted using the cane which grows naturally in D'Addarios own foreign fields.

Some of the unique features of these reeds are below.

​Highlighted Features

​Premium Reed For Warm Tone

Firstly, these reeds are premium and filed for delivering rich and warm sound.

The high-quality cane is used to make these reeds. D'Addario remains in their external fields.

It makes the tones more precise and subtle.

The sound created by the saxophone just fills up space around it.

It doesn't feel high pitched at all. The sound is smooth and relaxing to the ears.

​Traditional Thickness For Better Response

Secondly, the typical tip thickness of the reeds provides and ensures ease of articulation.

It Means the air flow inside the saxophone is more accurate and blowing becomes easy.

With all this, the response becomes quicker than usual.

So with all these features, you can play your instrument faster and quickly.

​Exceptional Design

​Last but not the least, these reeds come with a fabulous state of the art design.

The canes are digitally measured and cut with the help of practical and precise cutting system.

It gives the Canes an intricate geometric pattern which makes them look stunning.

​Bottom Line

​If you are an advancing student or professional in saxophones and want a reed that would make a soothing sound, then this is the one for you. With a sharp and precise build and premium quality cases, these reeds would fill up the space of music for you.

#4 La Voz Tenor Sax Reeds

​Why We Love It?

With consistent response and better playability, the La Voz Tenor Saxophone Reeds are crafted from the finest and premium cane.

La Voz has become the choice of most of the professional saxophone players.

Better and deeper tonal response has made these reeds well known and widely used throughout the world.

It consists of many unique features. Some of these are below.

​Highlighted Features

​Ease of Play

Firstly, the professional quality build of these reeds enable the users to play their instrument easily.

The reeds come from the finest quality of cane you can usually find.

This unique build gives them the ability of quicker response.

As the response increases, the playing capacity of the player increases.

So these reeds are good at responses and increasing playability.

​Profound and Powerful Tone

Secondly, these reeds come from the finest materials. These materials make the body of the reeds stronger than natural reeds.

The tonal quality of the reeds depends mainly on the shape of the reeds.

So these reeds are better at making clear and consistent sounds.

The tonal quality produced by these reeds is deeper and smoother than regulars.

They provide better and professional sounds for the players.

With the ease of play option, you can make crystal clear professional quality sound relentlessly.

​Strength Selection

Lastly, these reeds have a variety of power from which you can select to your need. There are soft reeds and hard reeds.

Both have a different working process. The thin reeds provide smooth and clear sound.

Again, the hard reeds provide deeper and professional quality sound.

So you can choose between the reeds to get the sound you need.

​Bottom Line

With the best build and professional quality sound, these reeds are perfect for those who are regular in playing the saxophone. If you are practicing it almost every day and want to be a professional, then this is the one for you. They provide variation in sounds through the different strength of reeds. SO you should give it a try.

#5 Lazarro 80-2 Tenor Saxophone Reeds

​Why We Love It?

Made from high-quality bamboo, the Lazarro Tenor Saxophone Reeds are the perfect choice for students, intermediates, and professionals.

These reeds are compatible with any brand of Eb E-Flat saxophones of Alto.

It has a unique quality in making the perfect sound for you. Some of its unique features are below.

​Highlighted Features

​High-Quality Build

Firstly, these reeds are made of high-quality bamboo. The original build gives these reeds an extra advantage.

Because of the high quality of bamboo used, the reeds are adamant and have a long life.

You can use them for a much longer period than natural reeds.

So worrying about changing reeds regularly won’t be a problem anymore.

​Rich and Professional Sound

Secondly, the alto saxophones would get a free and professional sound after using these reeds.

These reeds are unyielding due to their sturdy build.

So the vibration process after the mouthpiece is strong too.

That results in making the sound in the saxophone deeper and smoother. The music becomes professional.

​Bottom Line

​It doesn't matter which level of a player you are. If you are a beginner or an intermediate player or even a professional, these reeds will be the perfect choice for you. With their vibrant and professional tone and muscular build, they will offer you the best in the market. Though some people don't like natural build nowadays, these reeds will be evergreen and ever-popular.

​Things To Consider About Tenor Reeds?

Finding the right reeds for your saxophone is a tough job. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a professional.

Everyone needs to look for the things they want the most.

Between all the tenor reeds, finding the best tenor saxophone reeds would be a challenge to you.

But if you follow my advice and read the point outs here, I don't think it would be a problem anymore.

So, let's see a list of some things to consider about tenor reeds.

Sound Quality

Firstly, you have to know the type of music you are going to make through your saxophone.

If you are into making warm sounds, then reeds made by D'Addario would be the best choice for you.

Again, there are some others to choose from. Some of them offer loud sound with less noise.

Again, some of them have professional quality sound with fantastic tones.

So before buying tenor reeds, you need to know what type of music you are going to make.

Ease of Play

Secondly, you got wondering if you want the reeds to be quick in response or not.

There are some reeds which offer fast and better response than others.

These reeds make the playing of the instrument easier.

If you are into playing it quickly and blowing with comfort, then you should look for these features at first in the reeds you want to buy.

Build Quality

Lastly, different companies make their reeds with different equipment.

As an example, D'Addario reeds comes from canes which place in their external fields.

So the quality of the reeds is undoubtedly best.

So first you have to know which quality of reeds you are looking for. If your requirement matches then buy it.

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Final Words...

​There are lots of tenor reeds out there in the market.

Though I have made a list of the best ones out there, these could not be enough for you.

But I can ensure you this, that after reading this article you won’t have any problem finding the best tenor saxophone reeds for yourself.

Just go through all the information I gave you. These are all the main factors to know about tenor reeds.

So I hope that finding the best one won’t be a pain anymore.

 Happy Music!

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