​Best Saxophone Buyer's Guide 2019

Apparently as a music lover, you may try to learn playing saxophone, but it is a difficult job to choose the perfect one among all.

Therefore, this best saxophone buying guideline will guide you to the right way in the case of buying a quality saxophone.

The Definitive Guide

In this writing, we are going to provide you the necessary things so that you can buy the best instrument available in the market create your own tune.

So, follow this writing, and we hope you will find every answer to your questions regarding saxophones.

Different Types Of Saxophones

In this section , we will discuss the types of saxophones. There are almost nine various types of it.

However, five of them are the most popular. Therefore I am introducing you these five types of saxophones.

Bass Saxophone

It is the largest saxophone family. These types of saxophones are mostly six feet tall as well as heavy.

To play the deepest tones among all, bass saxophones play a significant role.

However this type of saxophone is not a part of the regular saxophone family, they come with a curved and large design.

If you want to create a deep tone, then this will be the best option for you.

Baritone Saxophone

They are the largest among the normal saxophone family.

They come with great height and weight, and because of it, these types are not commonly used.

Most of all, it 's hard to produce proper tone and sound with it for the beginners. Therefore, it is not suitable for beginners.

However, it can create a deep and rich sound which is much loved by professional saxophone players.

Alto Saxophone

This kind of saxophones is also considered as the middle sized saxophones.

In the case of size, they are larger than soprano saxophones and a little bit smaller than tenor saxophones.

The use of it is straightforward and it's weight is also in a favorable range.

Because of the design and size of it, it is one of the most popular saxophones available in the market.

As it is easy to play a deep tone with it, it is most suitable for those beginner musicians.

Because of the small mouthpiece of it, the player can apply a limited amount of intonation to the sound.

You can use this type of saxophones in classical as well as jazz compositions.

Tenor Saxophone

This types of saxophones are slightly smaller than those baritone saxophones.

Therefore, it is considered that they are the medium sized saxophones among the saxophone family.

Because of the size and natural use of it, it is the most common type of saxophones and loved by all musicians.

As the mouthpiece of those saxophones is large enough, it is suitable for beginners and easy to assemble.

​Don't know how to play tenor saxophone? Then read this article.

Tenor saxophones are mainly used in jazz, however classical, and rock types are also applicable by this.

We especially suggest this kind of saxophones to those musicians who are skillful.

Soprano Saxophone

It consists of the smallest saxophones among the saxophone family.

Usually, the saxophones come with a curved design, but in the case of soprano saxophones, the design is straight.

They are available in three different versions, and all got a straight layout.

It is tough to learn this type of saxophones, and because of it, it is not suitable for the beginners.

However, it is liked by those musicians who love jazz compositions.

These saxophones have a higher pitch, and as a result, they are mostly fit for jazz applications.

Which Type Is Good For Beginner?

Now you know about the kinds of saxophones from the previous section of this article.

However, those types are widespread and popular, but they all are not suitable for a beginner.

When it is in the case of a beginner, you must keep in mind that, a beginner cannot play saxophone which is very hard to learn.

We all know that learning starts from the beginning and therefore a beginner must need a saxophone which is very easy to learn.

Therefore, by keeping all the facts in mind, we suggest two types of saxophones for beginners. They are,

  • Alto Sax
  • Tenor Sax

Because of their height and weight, they are the ​best saxophones for the beginners.

​And one can easily learn how to improvise on his/her saxophone.

Why Should You Consider About Brand?

Well, it is very much important to find brand while buying your saxophone.

As the demand of people is growing higher day by day, manufacturers are also updating their products so that they can keep pace with it.

saxophone brand

Therefore, brand plays an important role here in the case of quality of a product. You need to choose a good brand so that you get,

  • A quality saxophone.
  • Saxophone with a long lasting nature.
  • The best saxophone within an affordable price.

Therefore, you need a brand in which you can believe.

Otherwise, you will not get the product you want, and your money will go in vain.

In this saxophone buying guideline, we will tell you about some brands on which you can depend. So, let's know about them.

Saxophone Brands For Beginners

Yamaha Brand

Although saxophones of any brand perform the same function, the clarity and brightness of the sound vary with brands.

Compared to the old standards, among them, Yamaha saxophones have a reputation as the new kids on the block.

In addition, the intonation and key work of them are the best, and it is famous for producing clear and bright sound at any level.

Especially, the craftsmanship quality, how you feel the saxophone in your hands as well as how the fingers feel on the keys is the most notable fact.

However, Introducing 62 line of tenor and alto Yamaha saxophones they have been as one of the best saxophone manufacturers in the world.

In fact, it is the brand that most if the professionals prefer.

On the other hand, for different types of players, Yamaha provides a number of series which is given below.

  • 23 series: Best for starting out.
  • 475 series: Perfect for intermediate players.
  • 62 series: Designed especially for entry-level professionals.
  • 82Z series: Good option for professional jazz players.
  • 875EX: Suitable for skilled musicians.

As a matter of fact, many of the famous sax players like Phil Woods and Jeff Coffin played Yamaha sax and became the most popular ones all over the world.

Therefore, if you want the best music from a saxophone then definitely Yamaha is a good choice for you.

Selmer Brand

As an illustration, we always help to decide the perfect brand, and here we are introducing you to the Selmer.

Selmer saxophones are worldwide famous for their best quality both in musical tone and manufacture.

If you ask any saxophone player, they will tell you that these saxophones are the standard on the market and ideal for the measurement of all other saxophones.

As a matter of fact, Selmer's reputation speaks for itself.

Not only it is the choice of most of the professionals, but it is also one of the preferable saxophones for students.

However, providing appropriate models of a wide range of budgets and experience there is Selmer production for anyone from the beginner to the professional.

If you’ve ever listened to the Jazz music, then you are already familiar with the full bodied and warm tone of the Selmer saxophone.

  • For beginners, Selmer 500 series is an excellent choice.
  • The 600 Aristocrat is appropriate for students.
  • SA280 La Voix ii series is designed for professionals.

Selmer saxophone has been standard on the market for a reason besides it makes an outstanding instrument for any level of players.

Jupiter Brand

The Jupiter company is particularly popular for manufacturing Jupiter saxophones.

Although this company is not so popular at the professional level like some other brands, it has already achieved an appreciable reputation for producing quality intermediate and beginner horns.

Jupiter saxophones arrived in the market on 1980 and then it was facing some mechanical problems that lead many players to opt for other more popular brands.

But, consequently, the most recent Jupiter products have improved in quality.

However, Jupiter manufactures several numbers of saxophones for players of a varied expertise.

Although this company has been successful on the market, it's been unable to have a large number of professional players.

But anyone looking for purchasing a product should try out several items in person.

  • The CXL series aimed at promoting faster development of skill hence best option for students.
  • Jupiter also offers XO series. There are a few well-known players using this series.

Indeed, Jupiter saxophones have been approved by some great artists of jazz music in the recent years.

Online vs. Music Store Which Is Good?

In this section, we are going to discuss online Vs music stores for a saxophone buying.

The most important benefit of buying a saxophone from an online shop is you can check a lot of reviews and the rating of the product as well as the user's comments.

Therefore, an online shop is a trustable source of the saxophone.

Besides, it is easier to buy as well as the shipping is easier too. About 90% of the people prefer to buy a saxophone from a music store.

A musical store allows customers to see the saxophone close. They also provide gratification.

Moreover, to build a customer loyalty a helpful staff helps you understand everything about the horn.

However, an online store will be very helpful for you to buy a new saxophone because you will have to pay here the latest price and even less than the price of a music store.

New vs Used What Is Good For You?

This is another important part of the article. In fact, it is a big decision to choose new or old saxophones when it comes to buying one.

Therefore, in this section, we are going over some of the benefits and demerits of each decision that help you decide which one should be best for you.

But, before discussing them, we would also like to inform you that it is always a good idea to buy saxophone from an online shop.

Most importantly, a new saxophone has always a special appeal.

Besides, you know this is already ready to play, and the plating or lacquer is perfect as well as the pads are new.

Moreover, a new saxophone offers you a support providing warranty for a specific time.

Sometimes, you can get a new saxophone even at a very reasonable price.

But, on the other hand, it can be a big deal for younger or students.

For a used saxophone it is very cost efficient. Also, you can find a used horn in your desired quality with an affordable price.

Also, the craftsmanship and materials of older horns are impressive.

Most importantly, they have much stiffer brass and more likely to be plated.

On the other hand, you hardly know what’s it condition and what it is worth. Hence, you can never entirely rely on a used one.

How To Choose A Saxophone?

how to choose a saxophone

Size Of The Saxophone

This buying guideline tells you that size is important when buying a new saxophone from the market.

The more extreme sizes are not often a good idea for the beginners or people to start learning on.

The high instruments may be harder for a good intonation or pleasing tone whereas the lower instruments can be harder for blowing a finger for students or children.

Therefore, check the size of the instrument first and see how it suits you.

Purpose Of Your Buying

Consequently, for which purpose you are going to purchase a saxophone is one of the most important things to consider.

Decide whether you need a professional, intermediate or ultra cheap one.

If you have a problem with the budget, then you should go for the ultra cheap saxophones.

But most often they aren’t suitable for use because of the soft metals and so many soft keys.

If you are a beginner or a student, then you might choose the intermediate saxophones.

In addition, for the professional, there are a lot of saxophones on the market that would fulfill their all criteria.

Getting The Best Deal

It is obvious that you will often get the best prices from an internet shop or mail order company.

However, it is very easy and cost efficient.

We are here to find one with a money back guarantee while buying from an internet site.

Beware of the scammers on today’s online market.

Which Accessories To Get

Any shop trying to sell you too many additional accessories is a red signal for you.

Unless you are a professional, you will need to buy only a mouthpiecesome reeds, a swab, a comfortable and good strong neck strap and a stand.

Others accessories out of this list such as pad saver, pad clamps or jig dust may be completely a wastage of your valuable money.

​Price vs Quality

If you need the best, then we recommend, obviously check the quality of the horn you are going to buy along with its price.

In fact, it's the most important thing; you have to check.

Although the best horns on the market are available at a higher price, this always saves your money and worth every penny of it.

If you take a low-quality product at a low price, trust me you are sure to slap your back after a few days.

Hence, considering the quality, you can compromise with the price of the saxophone.

Benefits Of A Saxophone

In the world of music, the saxophone is a most common and old name.

Musicians everywhere in the world are creating new tunes using saxophones.

However, you can say that this is the most traditional musical instrument. Classical, jazz, rock, etc. every musical composition can be done using saxophones.

Though playing saxophone is not so much easy, you will get a lot of advantages because of playing it. 

Here we will discuss some of it's benefits. So, let's proceed to the part.

Health Benefits

Music is considered as a good therapy for the heart and soul.

People who play saxophone get a sharper mind. It also lowers the blood pressure and thus improves blood circulations.

Another significant benefit of playing it is that it increases your lung power.

Therefore you can say that a saxophone can gift you a healthier heart.

Faster Learning

As saxophone learning depends on practice, you need to give full concentration to learn it properly.

However, you will be able to learn a saxophone faster in compared to other musical instruments.

Therefore, you can become more confident in learning other musical instruments too.

​Greater Sound Control

You can adjust the sound produced by the saxophone which you will not be able to do regarding other musical instruments.

By controlling the breathing, you can control the sound of a saxophone.

Hence you will love the music more than before because of it.

Warning About Saxophone!

Here, we are going to discuss some warnings about the saxophone. You mightn't miss this.

  • If you keep brushing vigorously under keys, it may knock loose or loosen key corks.
  • As keys are open or closed key corks used to help prevent noise. So, be aware of that!
  • Too vigorous brushing may also unhook needle springs.
  • Some of the screws of a saxophone are for adjustment. Therefore, just because it is a screw doesn't mean you have to tight it.
  • However, if you are not an expert leave it for somebody who knows the touring of the screws.

Final Words

Finally, this is the ending part of this article. We have searched a lot and tried to provide you the latest information available about saxophones.

However, you can say that this writing will work as a complete guideline for you while buying a saxophone.

As quality is the primary concern of most of us, you can undoubtedly follow this, and it will lead you to the best one available in the market.

We honestly suggest you to be careful while buying a saxophone because a wrong step can ruin your musical taste and spirit.

​Finally, create your tune with the best saxophone and live with the music.

 Happy Music!!

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