What Is The Best Alto Saxophone Ligature On A Budget?


Want to be a successful saxophonist? Then, you’ll have to have a clear idea about all the parts of your sax.

Also, those pieces have to be the best suited for your saxophone.

That’s why selecting the best ligature is essential.

From my experience, I’ve seen ligatures make differences depending on your saxophone. I prefer to play the alto saxophone.

If you also play the alto sax, then you can join reading the article. It’s about the best alto saxophone ligature.

3 Best Brands For Alto Saxophone Ligature

I’ve seen a lot of reviews about many ligatures. All ligatures are not suitable for alto saxophone.

Ligatures play an important effect on your saxophone’s sound.

However, A ligature has mainly two purposes. The first one is to hold the reed on the mouthpiece.

And the second aim is to vibrate the reed in a way to help you to express yourself best.

Here, I’ll review about three ligatures that are best from my point of view.

I believe they allow the player to obtain the extra little things they want to find their sound.

# Vandoren Optimum Ligature

Vandoren optimum ligature is one of the branded ligatures.

When I bought my alto saxophone, I used this ligature. And it gives good service.

Also, the ligature holds the reed tight. However, it has three different pressure plates. They affect the sound differently.

All plates make your sound brighter, darker and edgier.

However, the sound depends on the pressure you push through the mouthpiece.

This ligature is easy to adjust and keep the reed in the right place of your saxophone. You can play it in any style.

The price of a Vandoren optimum ligature is between 60-70$ dollars. The price varies for different packages.

You can purchase the ligature with three pressure plates or buy with just one plate.

# Eddie Daniels Rovner Ligature

Another best saxophone ligature is the Eddie Daniels Rovner ligature. It’s also known as “Rovner Versa.”

You can use it for all alto saxophones. Especially if you play Meyer 6 on your alto sax, using this ligature serves the best.

It allows you to open up you to produce an edgy and bright sound. The ligature is made of black leather.

The advantage of this ligature is you can switch the metal pressure plate with the other plates.

Thus, you can produce different sounds. Also, it allows your sax’s reed to vibrate your sound cut through the saxophone section.

The price of an Eddie Daniels Rovner ligature is around 40$ dollars.

I have found this ligature giving brighter sound in comparison to other ligatures I’ve used.

# Francois Louis Ultimate Ligature

A Francois Louis ultimate ligature is kind of similar to a Vandoren Optimum ligature. The similarity is regarding the sounds they produce.

The difference is the materials which change the generated sounds.

However, this ligature is of three materials: brass, gold, and silver.

The brass ligature helps to open up your sound. Besides, it resonates the sound most.

On the other hand, the gold ligature gives an elegant and more polished sound.

Finally, the silver Francois ultimate ligature provides you with a darker sound.

However, the silver ligature offers some resistance while making the sound.

I suggest you try this three types and select the perfect one for your alto sax. For my alto saxophone, the silver ligature was fit the best.

The price range of Francois ligature starts from 60$ dollars.

Depending upon the material types the price can increase.

The brass ligatures are comparatively cheap than silver and gold ligatures.

Tips For Ligature

The ligature holds the reed to the mouthpiece. So, the ligature types play a significant effect on the sound made.

That’s why select the best ligature.

​Final Words

A ligature plays a major effect on the sound. So, I recommend that you try many kinds of ligature and see which fits the best.

The ligature gives the player more freedom obtaining your expected tonal characters.

I have tried the three ligatures discussed here and found them best.

Each of them is great and offers the saxophonist a wide range of tones. So, try them more and more and be a great saxophonist.

 Happy Music!

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